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A Quick Glance at Nijiya Market

Nijiya is a renowned Japanese supermarket chain that has over 12 locations in California and Hawaii. Japanese immigrant Saburomaru Tsujino founded the chain in 1986. The company has a head office in California; the same place where Nijiya’s first location opened. The supermarket chain offers an extensive range of Japanese food products including rice, dashi, and organic vegetables. Nijiya market has over 500 employees who work together and drive a whopping $81.7 million in terms of revenue to the company. Ever since its emergence in the year 1986, Nijiya has established itself as one of the leading Japanese food markets.

Extensive Range of Japanese Food

Nijiya brings the mesmerizing taste of Japan to America with its special products and recipes. They offer amazing variety of Japanese products that are available at reasonable prices. Some of the notable categories include: • Bakery & Cake • Confectionery • Deli & Sushi • Fruit & Vegetable • Meat & Fish • Grocery On its online and physical stores, you can find amazing deals and discounts. Moreover, Nijiya also offers exciting and new products that you can avail at discounted price.

Save Big on Nijiya’s Trending Products

You can also find the top-selling and trending products according to your taste. Some of Nijiya’s best products include: • Organic Rice • Soy Sauce/Tsuyu • Baking*Nori & Seaweed • NIJIYA Products*Seasoning/Spice • Sauce & Vinegar • Dry Foods • Tea • Drink • Nuts/Grains • Organic Beans • Coffee &Tea • Imported Items • Gift Card • Gochiso Magazine • Nijiya Calendar

Nijiya’s Spring Gourmet Sale

Nijiya offers an exciting spring gourmet sale in all of its locations. In this sale, most of its fresh food products are on sale and you can avail them at best price. Below are some of the products and their sale price. • House Mabo Tofu Sauce at only $1.99 each • Natutal Mito Soup at $3.99 • Salmon Sashimi at only $25 per pound • Broad Squid Legs at $7.99 per pound • Natural Pork at $6.99 per pound

Nijiya Recipe Corner

Not only you can purchase all the necessary ingredients form Nijiya but can also get the recipe from it. You can easily access numerous recipes from Nijiya’s website and make traditional Japanese food in your own kitchen. It offers an extensive range of recipes in different categories. Not only does it cover Japanese dishes but also offers recipe for Chinese foods and desserts. The categories include: • Chinese Side Dishes • Desserts • Drinks • Egg Dishes • Ethnic Dishes • Japanese Side Dishes • Meat Dishes • Nabe Dishes • Noodle & Pasta Dishes • Rice Dishes • Salads • Seafood Dishes • Soups • Tofu Dishes • Vegetable Dishes • Western Side Dishes You can access all the recipes from its website including the old ones starting from 2011. The company also ensures that it updates you with the latest recipes every month. Some of its recent recipes include: • Rice cooked with clams • Amazake Jello • Salmon Tofu • KamoNanban Soba • Asian chicken salad • Soup curry • Keema curry

Get Nijiya’s Market Gift Cards

Nijiya offers you physical cards that are available all of its retail stores. The card enables you to top up a maximum amount of $250 which you can redeem and reload at any of its branch. The best thing about these cards is that they do not expire and have no opening fees. You may gift these cards with any amount to anyone you want. There is not development yet on E-Gift cards for its online store.

Use Nijiya’s Online Store Locator Feature

The store offers detailed address for all its stores in California and Hawaii. Each store has its timings and different contact details, all available on the website. The feature will also guide you to pinpoint information by integrating Google Maps. Apart from that, you can also reach out to each store’s social media account.

Nijiya’s Delivery Options

Since it offers online services, Nijiya has a compact delivery option in place. It ensures that all your products reach you. Usually it takes 2-3 days for shipping to take place. It has different delivery rates for different weights. • 1LB = $7.58 • 5LB= $11.04 • 10LB= $15.37 • 15LB= $19.70 • 20LB =$24.03 • 25LB= $28.36 • 30LB= $32.69 • 35LB= $37.02 • 40LB= $41.35 • 45LB= $45.90 • 45LB= $45.90 • 50LB= $50.01

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