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A Quick Glance at Sanrio

Sanrio is one of the biggest Kawaii goods retailer in the world. They also design and create a plethora of characters, with their most famous and recognizable one being Hello Kitty. Some of their other characters include keropi, LittleTwinStars, and pompompuri just to name a few. Since their inception in 1960, they have grown considerably over the years, opening stores in different countries. They mainly focus on stationary, along with movies and video game adaptations for their characters. They have even collaborated with a multitude of apparel companies to bring about unqiue merchandise as well.

All-In-One Shop for Kawaii Goodies

Sanrio has a number of original characters, each with their respective goodies. These characters include: • Hello Kitty • Pompompurin • Pochaco • My Melody • Monkichi • Cinnamoroll • LittleTwinStars • Pekkel • Sanrio Boys • And many more Each of these characters have their respective goodies. You can find: • Shirts • Sweatshirts • Sweaters • Pen holders • Perpetual calendars • Dresses • Shorts • Jogger pants • Sweatpants • And much more! By visiting their website, you can even find apparel that that created with a variety of collaborations over the years.

Enjoy Multiple Sales throughout the Year

Throughout the year, Sanrio has a multitude of unique sales on their apparel and accessories. Some of their sales include: • 30% off black Friday • Friend of the month pin with every purchase over $40 They even have a unique free downloadable calendar for their customers, which include their most famous characters. Sanrio also have clearance sales and end of the year sales for their apparel and different accessories. Keep up with all of their sales and deals by signing up to their mailing list. They send out alerts for all of their yearly sales, as well as any deals or promotions that they have at the moment.

Create a Dedicated Account for an Easier Shopping Experience

Of course the best thing about shopping at Sanrio is that you can even create your own account, which you can then use to enjoy a better shopping experience. Some of the perks of creating an account include: • Creating a wish list • Staying up to date with the latest deals and promotions • Free shipping on all order in the US over $75 Having an account also allows you to keep track of all your previous purchases through online receipts.

Give Your Loved Ones a Special Gift Card

If you’re still looking for a gift for that special someone, then Sanrio’s collection of gift cards might just be the right choice. Each character has their unique gift card, along with gift cards specific to certain events and people. These can include: • Graduation • Father’s day • Mother’s day • For BFFs • For Nurses • Thank you • Happy birthday • Happy anniversary • Happy holidays Each of these cards come in different designs, ensuring that none of them are the same. The denominations for each of these e-gift cards include: • $25 • $50 • $100

Keep Up To Date with Their Blogs and Press Releases

Sanrio is always excited to show their customers the new things that they have been working on. From new projects to new stores and even to new collaborations, you can find all of these news updates on their blogs and press releases. Their blogs even have updates about their latest events, such as their trip to ComplexCon. You can even find a variety of recipes and crafts throughout these blogs, which can help you flex your creative muscles. They update their blogs regularly so be sure to check them out often for your next incredible recipe or cute crafts project.

Find Your Nearest Sanrio Store

Sanrio has outlets across various cities throughout the world. But if you want to find the store closest to you, then you can easily do so with their online store tracker. Using the store tracker you will be able to find the nearest Sanrio store to your location. Sanrio can suggest the nearest store through the location on your browser. But if you want to find a store closer to another location, you can easily do that by adding your: • Zip code • City • And state With this information, the website will show you the location of the nearest store along with directions.

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