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A Quick Intro to Shoprite

Shoprite is a leading retailer’s cooperative of great supermarkets. They boast expansive stores in six different states: Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Choose from millions of shopping categories to find must-have items. Here’s a closer look at Shoprite’s coupons, deals, and discounts.

Enjoy Digital Coupons

Get outstanding deals on all your favorite products by checking out Shoprite’s digital coupons. Boasting hundreds of coupons, Shoprite allows users to scroll through page after page to find a coupon that speaks to them. Once you find the right coupon, simply click on ‘load’ and clip it. Next, visit the ‘view’ page to look at your favorite coupons present under the Coupon History tab. Finally, enter your phone number during checkout to use up your coupon.

Scroll through their Weekly Circular

Keep up to date with Shoprite’s weekly circular to make sure you never miss out on sales, deals, and discounts. Buy anything you want at an affordable and much lower price by staying updated with their weekly circular. Read their circular to find out operation times, holiday timings, and other information about physical stores. Then, enjoy adding all the items you want and need to your shopping cart and enjoy checking out quicker.

Check Out Exciting Deals

Shoprite offers customers access to several exciting rewards and gift cards to make your shopping journey all the more fun. Simply venture onto their online website to check out new offers, deals, sales, discounts, and coupons. This way, you can enjoy purchasing products you want, including food items, cleaning essentials, pet care, beauty products, cleaning essentials, and electronics, and so on, for a much lower price. On top of that, you can enjoy choosing between online grocery delivery and pickup options to ensure the items you reach in time.

Earn Rewards and Gift Cards

Enjoy using Shoprite’s incredible Mix and Match and get the Cash option to earn gift cards and rewards. For example, by purchasing Unilever products worth $15, you can make an incredible $5 gift card, as well as $20 in rewards. Get Shoprite’s gift cards to treat yourself or a loved one. With gift cards starting as low as $5 and reaching as high as $100, you can enjoy purchasing your must-haves. Use Shoprite’s gift cards to purchase items in-store or within the comfort of your home. Plus, you can quickly check your gift card’s balance by logging onto Shoprite.

Seek Tasty Recipes

Making meals all the more exciting and delicious, Shoprite allows its customers to scroll through many delectable recipes. This way, you can choose the ones that make your taste buds dance. Once you like a recipe, add it to your cart to have it delivered right to your doorstep. Follow the easy-to-understand instructions present on each recipe to make a mouth-watering dish.

Online Exclusive Promotions

Shoprite offers its online buyers several exclusive and exciting promotions and deals. Stay up-to-date through newsletter subscriptions and regular updates on the website to enjoy new discounts and sales. In addition, you can access items that are only available in their online store. By clicking their website, you can view their latest and top promotions and discounts.

Shoprite’s App

Shoprite allows customers to enjoy their services via an excellent app. You can enjoy benefits like: ● Add all the items you want and need in a unified shopping cart. Choose between home delivery, order for pickup, or simply use it as a checklist when browsing through aisles in-store ● Curate and save shopping lists for now and the future ● Scan products with Shoprite’s app to find and add products you want ● Quickly add notes to your shopping list for future use ● Load digital coupons to your Price Plus Card. You can even include exclusive offers tailored to meet your shopping needs ● Check out, track, and manage your digital coupons ● Access your Price Plus Card via your wallet support ● Order your favorite cold cuts and so on from their Deli ● Manage your prescriptions by linking to your Pharmacy app ● Browse from Shoprite’s weekly adds ● Add recipes that catch your eye in your cart ● Check out recommended items on sale per week

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If you’re seeking high-quality electronics, snacks and sweets, and accessories, Shoprite is the place for you. Keep checking 1Weekly to avail all the best and most amazing discounts, coupon codes, and deals for purchasing items you want and need from Shoprite.

About ShopRite

ShopRite is one of the largest retailers in Africa; they concentrate mainly on consumables. With more than 2,800 stores, they provide employment for more than 150,000 people in Africa. They have branches in 14 countries in the continent of Africa, supervised with a headquarter in Brackenfell, South Africa.

This corporation is listed in the Johannesburg stock exchange platform as a publicly traded company. Founded in the year 1979, they began expansion in 1990 by opening up a store in Namibia. In 1995, their first store was opened in Lusaka, Zambia.

One of the factors that contributed to their growth was the purchase of a centralized distribution chain called Sentra. This was their first step into franchising because Sentra was already in charge of over 500 supermarkets, this helped extend the reach to what it is today.

Shop rite was added to the list of top 40 franchises and corporations in the year 2008. In the year 2019, they were nominated for the "Proudly South African Brand Award" which they won.

They were also voted; best in the grocery store category of the "Sunday Times Top Brand Survey '' not just in Africa, but all over the world. In October 2016, the CEO; Whitey Basson made a decision to retire.

Under his management, the corporation had experienced exponential growth, progress and success. The board of directors appointed a Peter Engelbrecht who was the former acting COO to the office of the new CEO of the corporation in January 2017. He played a huge role in the company's growth till today.

What most people did not know is that his decisions were greatly influenced by the former CEO; Whitey Basson.

Last recorded in 2021, Shoprite has over 150,000 employees who work in their stores all over Africa.