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An Overview Of Justfab

JustFabis a subscription-style business that focuses on helping women get the shoes they want. The service is simple and prompts its VIP members to buy shoes, skip, or pay out every month. Before anyone can buy shoes from the service, they will have to become a VIP member. The founders of the company initially started with just shoes but have now moved on to offering clothes, bags, and other accessories as well. Despite starting in 2010, the firm has slowly grown exponentially, going on to have over 2 million VIPs, and they have sold over 50 million shoes. All of this success does not seem to stop them from moving forward.

Become A Member To Start Buying

Their subscription service is simple and offers participants a unique way of buying their favorite shoes. Becoming a VIP member makes you eligible for the subscription, where you will have to buy one of the items from their collection every month or pay a subscription fee of $50. This subscription fee of $50 becomes a credit that you can use for your next purchase. You can also choose to skip the month, which will put the subscription on hold, so you do not have to buy something and will not be charged. You can reactivate it by coming back and purchasing a new item. Canceling the subscription is also fairly easy, as you can do it by calling on their 24/7 open hotline.

Choose From A Wide Collection Of Apparel

JustFab has a fun collection of shoes, clothes, sandals, bags, and accessories. Some of their collection of shoes and sandals include: • Pumps • Sneakers • Flat sandals • Mules • Wedges • Heeled sandals • Slides • Loafers • Flats • Boots • And much more All of these shoes just scratch the surface of their incredible collection.JustFab also offers a range of shoes specifically made for a certain style. These small styles include: • The classics • The lounge shop • The active shop • The festival shop • The wedding shop • And the spring shop These shops include styles that are perfect for specific occasions and seasons.

Buy A Gift Card For A Friend

Gift cards make for great presents that are worth giving to a friend, allowing them to buy their favorite shoes. You can choose a gift card with one, two, or three months' worth of credit in it, which your friend can then redeem. The price ranges include: • 1 Credit Gift Card $50 • 2 Credit Gift Card $100 • 3 Credit Gift Card $150 All of their gift cards are electronically sent, so you do not need to worry about any delays in when they get their card. Simply provide the first and last name of the recipient as well as their email to send the card. You can also include your name and email as the sender while including a short message from them.

Check Out Their New Arrivals

One of the many perks that come with JustFab’s VIP services is that they allow members early access to all of the newest releases. From pumps and wedges to handbags and tops, you will always have quick access to all of their newest arrivals. Their new arrivals can also sometimes include a new style for the season that combines a variety of clothes and shoes that they have on display. For example, their newest spring shops highlight all of the best from their collection that works well with Christmas.

Use The Mobile App For An Easier Experience

You can use JustFab through a regular browser, and that is fine. However, if you want to get the best experience out of using JustFab, why not consider using their mobile app for a shockingly easy experience. You can find the app on both Android and iOS, making it the perfect way to experience all of the best that JustFab has to offer. You can get exclusive deals on the app and never miss out on deals and sales with push notifications. Find unique shopping categories just for you and get access to a faster checkout or skip for the month.

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