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A Quick Glance at Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington, otherwise known as Burlington Coat Factory, is a famous American national off-price store retailer offering quality products at low prices. The brand boasts a division of 740 different stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. With its headquarters in Burlington Township, New Jersey, this department store retailer is popular for its low prices.

Save with Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory offers its customers easy access to a plethora of different items. From clothing items to accessories to even baby care items, here you can find an array of exciting products. The best part? You can enjoy purchasing all these items at a lower, much more affordable price:

Exciting Deals and Discounts

Make your shopping experience all the more fun with the help of Burlington Coat Factory's amazing discounts and deals. Its exciting deals let you avail remarkable savings on your favorite and must-have items, including kids' clothing, hair care products, beauty tools, beauty care products, baby essentials, toys, home décor and furniture, and so much more! Apply for all the best deals to avoid spending all your cash while shopping. Burlington makes it easy for you to find deals that match your needs and pocket, from exclusive discounts of as low as $5 offs to as high as $20 offs.

Burlington's Credit Card

Burlington Coat Factory allows customers to sign up for its fantastic credit card, offering cash savings during checkout. In fact, you get to earn up to 1 point for every dollar that you spend on each purchase at Burlington through its custom Credit Card. Once you save up a certain amount of points, you get return gifts. Here's how it works: ● $5 rewards for saving 100 points ● $25 rewards for saving 500 points ● $50 rewards for saving 1000 points ● $100 rewards for saving 2000 points

Become a Loyal Customer!

Update your info on Burlington Coat Factory and sign up for its Loyalty Program to enjoy amazing deals, news, and so much more! By signing up to its program for entirely free, you can get access to several perks, including, but not limited to, exclusive deals, earning rewards, being the first one to know about enticing news, and so much more!

Enjoy Access to Quality Gift Cards

Burlington Coat Factory allows its customers to customize high-quality gift cards. Surprise your loved one on their special day with the help of an adorable and incredible 'Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card.' Enjoy checking your balance on the go with the help of this innovative gift card. Plus, you can get various exciting deals on a gift card!

Join its Newsletter Today!

Sign up for Burlington's newsletter today! And stay updated with the latest news, newest deals, and discounts. Get exclusive deals tailored to meet your needs in your email by subscribing today!

Get Inspiration!

Burlington boasts a 'Get Inspiration' page to get real-time reviews of other customers on their purchases and shopping experience at the store. Scroll through their extensive selection to find inspiration for designing your very own outfit for the day. In addition, you can get your own picture featured!

Delivery and Shipping Services

Burlington helps its customers save up real cash on everyday products by keeping its items at low and affordable prices. What's more? Burlington Coat Factory allows its customers to choose between in-store and online shopping. If you're purchasing online, simply add all the products you need and want to your cart. Next, head on over to the quick and effortless self-checkout, where you can easily add all your coupon codes and discounts. Once you're done, add the information necessary and requisitory by Burlington Coat Factory. This way, you'll get everything delivered right to your doorstep within a day! On the flip side, if you want to enjoy the 'in-store shopping experience,' simply use Google My Maps to locate your nearest Burlington Coat Factory outlet and enjoy shopping all you want!

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If you're seeking quality clothing items, home décor, baby care, and accessories, Burlington Coat Factory is your one-stop shop. Stay up-to-date with Burlington Coat Factory's latest discounts and special offers to constantly advertised in our local ads to enjoy access to quality products at affordable prices. Check out 1Weekly to read more about the incredible discounts and exclusive coupon codes to purchase your favorite products from Burlington Coat Factory. Get hold of the best discounts and deals today by keeping up with 1Weekly.

About Burlington Coat Factory

In 1972, Burlington Coat Factory was started by a family in Burlington, New Jersey. It was named after its hometown. The company made a wide variety of affordable coats and outerwear available to its customers in those early days. Since then, the company has experienced incredible success. They have gone on to open over 740 stores across the country with a store in almost every state. There's a store in Puerto Rico too. The company has remained in business after 50 years thanks to its ability to reinvent itself. These days, Burlington Coat Factory is almost exclusively referred to as Burlington or Burlington Stores.

The main reason for this name change is the expansion of their product line. Burlington gradually moved on from selling just coats to selling all kinds of clothing and accessories for women, men, and babies. Today, they also sell items for homes and pets. But despite their immense growth over the years, they have remained true to their off-price model. Customers all over the country love and continue to choose Burlington because of its affordability. You can always expect to purchase an item at Burlington at a much lower price than high-end department stores.

Furthermore, Burlington takes its role in American communities very seriously. They have taken up several charitable causes over the years. Asides from working to find a cure for leukemia, the company also funds an annual coat drive to help less privileged people get through winter. Even when the company was bought by new owners, nothing changed about its charitable works.