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What Is Game Stop?

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just the occasional player, it is impossible not to know about Game Stop. But if you need a reintroduction, Game Stop is an American gaming retailer. The chain focuses on providing the best games and accessories from all over the globe. At current, there are 4,816 Game Stop stores all over the world, most of which are in the US.

Founding Story

Game Stop can be traced back to a Texas-based software retailer. The Software house was founded in 1984 and opened its doors to customers in NorthPark Center in Dallas. Soon, the company realized that there was an obvious scarcity of video game retailers. To meet demands, they started selling Nintendo. Gradually, their main business focused on selling video games. After that, things grew rocky for Game Stop, only to stabilize in 2004, when Game Stop bought another company and expanded their business.

Bounties At Game Stop

Game Stop is heaven for gamers as the facilities it offers are way too difficult to say no to. Here are some of its features that gamers absolutely love.


Are you tired of playing the same game over and over again and would love to get it replaced? Well, Game Stop can help you with that. They offer you a simple offer of trading in your stuff for either cash or store credits. This is great for gamers who quickly grow bored of old releases and are always itching to give the latest game a try. If you're a serious gamer who quickly completes any game you get your hands on, this is a fantastic deal. If you are up to make the trade, all you need to do is read through the terms and conditions to see if what you want to trade actually qualifies.

PowerUp Rewards

Do you spend a lot of money on video games? Why not become a Power Up member? A Power-Up member earns store points every time they make purchases. Accumulating these points means unlocking amazing benefits, and so you get your hands on a great many things. Whenever you score points, you can either save them for later or redeem them right away. In addition to that, you also get exclusive access to different things, such as discount codes, offers, and other amenities. If you are a regular customer, you might even get pro status and earn rewards on a monthly basis. The VIP treatment is definitely worth it! Getting points doesn't just depend on the purchases you make. You can also get points when you do things like filling out surveys and completing your online profile. Flex Pay -Are you hesitant in getting a game of your choice because you are unsure of the payment method? Well, Game Stop offers plenty of payment methods for you to choose from. For example: Buy Now, Pay Later -Are you eager to get your hands on the latest game but can't afford to pay for it? Well, Game Stop can help! You can select whatever game you want and pay it off over six weeks. Rent To Own -Using this method, you can rent out a game and keep making payments until you actually own it. This is called progressive leasing. No Free Layaway -Before stores run out, do you want to reserve a game? Game Stop lets you do just that. Rewards Credit Card - If you want unlimited access to games and rewards, it is best to get a rewards credit card and use it whenever you want to make a purchase.

Weekly Ads

Game Stop releases a weekly pamphlet mentioning all the games and offers available at the stores in your area. If you want to view the deals beforehand, check out the weekly ads online by inserting your zip code.

Gift Cards

If your best friend or close acquaintance is a gaming enthusiast but you're not sure of what to get, a Game Stop gift card is the best pick. You can find gift cards at different price tags. You can either give them an all-encompassing card or a specific gift card for add-ons to their favorite game.

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