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Murphy's Market discount tips

A Quick Glance at Murphy's Market

Murphy's Market opened in 1971 and is now the ideal location to shop for groceries and delectable meals. The store delivers fresh produce to the local markets in the area at least three times per week. Purchasing locally helps small businesses and our community and enables us to provide some of the lowest prices available.

The Perfect Stop-Shop for Your Grocery Needs

Discover a world of top-quality, affordable, fresh grocery products and bakery items by visiting Murphy's Market. Check out its extensive catalog and enjoy browsing through the following categories: ● Meat and Seafood ● Fresh Produce ● Deli ● Wine, Beer & Spirits ● Wellness

Enjoy Exclusive discounts at Murphy's Market

Stop at our sale section and shop for the items you have been looking for! We have delicious items in our sale section at reasonable prices. You can find amazing discounts on the following products: ● Golden grain pasta 2 for $3 ● Best food mayonnaise for $5.99 ● Simply Juice at $4.79 ● Luncheon Mean at $12.99/lb ● Murphy's Own California Chicken for $ 7.99/lb ● And a lot more!

Order Delicious Meals from Murphy's Market

Murphy's Market offers an extensive range of delicious meals to make lunch, dinner or even breakfast fun and exciting. You can order the following meals from Murphy's Market: ● Oven Roasted Potatoes- Cubed red potatoes in olive oil, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper for $50.00 ● Twice Baked Potatoes- Russet potatoes are baked twice, then stuffed with sour cream, shredded cheese, and ranch dressing. Garnished with parsley. Contains: dairy for $49.99 ● Roasted Veggies - Oven roasted seasonal vegetables in olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepperfor$50.00 ● Mac & Cheese- Classic creamy macaroni and cheese sprinkled with breadcrumbs from $50.00 ● And a lot more! Moreover, the website allows you to use the following filters to order yummy meals. ● Platters ● Pasta & Potato Salad ● Green Salads ● Hot Entrees ● Hot Side Dishes ● Breakfast

Join Murphy's Market's Newsletter

Sign up for Murphy's Market newsletter to get the first scoop on the latest fashion looks and upcoming catalogs. You'll also get notifications about upcoming releases, sales, and deals.

Donate for a Cause

If you want to become a part of a good cause, we have great news! Murphy's Market allows its customers to send donations and become a part of a cause that will give them inner happiness. The website directs you to a form where the users have to insert personal information such as: • Name • Phone • Email • Organization • Type of Donation Attach a message with the form and become a part of something big!

Use its Innovative Store Locator

Employ Murphy's Market store locating feature to pinpoint the store nearest to your home. The store lets you spot the outlet closest to your location in three ways: ● Searching by City Code ● Entering Your ZIP Code ● Clicking on the 'Use my Location' Button Furthermore, the website allows you to choose the closest store to help you find the best deals and delicious menu to satisfy your cravings. • Murphy's Markets - 1451 Glendale Dr, McKinleyville, CA 95519, USA • Murphy's Markets - 785 Bayside Rd, Arcata, CA 95521, USA • Murphy's Markets - Westwood Village Shopping Center, 100 Westwood Ct, Arcata, CA 95521, USA • Murphy's Markets - 4020 Walnut Dr, Eureka, CA 95503, USA

Become a part of Murphy's Market Team

If you are interested in joining the Murphy's Market team, log on to the website and click Employment. The website will direct you to a page where you will have to fill out the form and submit your personal information, such as: • First Name and Last Name • Email • Date of Birth • Address • City and State • Phone Number • And more. Once you have entered the fields, click send and wait for a positive response.

Delivery Options at Murphy's Market

Murphy's Market makes grocery shopping for your fun and convenient with easy delivery options. The website lets you choose one of the following options: ● Instacart – check out the Instacart app and order your grocery at your doorstep ● Doordash – order or pick up your grocery or other delicious eatables by entering your city code or zip code. Moreover, the store lets you choose the closest store to shop for your groceries.

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