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A Quick Glance at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter happens to be one of the biggest retailers in the US in terms of its locations. It offers all of the essential day-to-day goods that one would expect from a supermarket. On the other hand, they also offer some unique gift cards and recipes for their customer to use. Since its inception in 1936, the once small retailer has grown into a behemoth with 261 stores throughout the US. While its headquarters remain in North Carolina, it has shops in eight different states. These include the Washington DC, Maryland, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Delaware.

Get all of Your Must-Have groceries from Harris Teeter

Find all of your kitchen and pantry essentials at Harris Teeter. They have aisles for a variety of products both local and international. Some of the categories that they offer include: • Pharmacy • Fresh foods • Fish • Meat • Produce • Flowers • Organic foods These are all of the major categories for items that they offer. Harris Teeter does outsource its produce, and uses its own. Therefore, all of the meats, fish, and even fresh foods are all items that they prepare for you.

Get cash back with the Harris Teeter Credit Card

Apply for a Harris Teeter Credit Card to enjoy cash back on a variety of purchases that you make. With each eligible purchase that you make, you will be getting 1% back on the amount you spent. On the other hand, customers can get as much as 2% cash back when spending money inside their stores. Card holders can also get a 3% cash back on fuel and dining, which will last for the first $6,000 they spend. Purchase made using the mobile wallet will give 5% cash back for the first $3,000 you spend. After the amount expires, the bonuses for both transactions will reduce to 1%.

Enjoy Fuel points unique to Harris Teeter

If you have the VIC Harris Teeter card, then you can also get fuel points for specific purchases that you make. When buying specific products you will have points go into your card. You can then use these points to buy fuel and easily save upto $10 per gallon. The card will work at specific gas stations including all Amoco and BP stations.

Get Harris Teeter Gift Cards for your loved ones

Harris Teeter also offers its users the ability to buy gift cards, or send them to their loved ones. They offer both physical and egift cards, which can work in physical and online stores respectively. The gift card will easy make it to their inbox in just a press of a button. The Harris Teeter gift cards are simple to purchase and are very easy to use. Just buy the gift card that you want for a set price, and easily send it to a receiver. These cards can be as small as $10, or as big as $250.

Try Out Some Great Recipes

Other than great value for each purchase that you make, Harris teeter also offers various recipes fro every type of cook. Whether you want to cook something savory and full, or something that is light and sweet, Harris Teeter has the recipes for you. Some of the best recipes that they offer include: • Classic green bean casserole • Brined chicken • Cocktail biscuits • Dutch baby • Dark chocolate cookies • Sausage stuffed muffins • Strawberry mocktail

Find a Store Close to You

If you are looking to get the best experience of shopping at Harris Teeter, then you will have to visit their store. On their website, you can find a very easy to use and simple tracker that can show you all of the supermarkets near you. And by entering your ZIP code, city, and state information, it will be able to find the closest store to your location. From there you can take directions from your preffered maps service and reach the Harris Teeter store.

Find the Best Harris Teeter Deals and Discounts on 1Weekly

Harris Teeter usually offers a multitude of discounts and deals, all of which you can keep track of with the help of 1Weekly. 1Weekly tracks all the deals that you would like and keeps them in a single place. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a major sale. Save more money with 1Weekly, which can remind you of all the big day sales and discounts.