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A Quick Glance at Cousin's Supermarket

Cousin's Supermarket's first store opened in Philadelphia in 1976. They are locally owned stores that offer produce, meat, and groceries. Cousin's Supermarket is one of the oldest stores in the Philadelphia region and is popular for offering a fresh and good variety of items. You can find meat, seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits, boneless chicken, chees, steaks, roast beef, and several deli meat. Dessert lovers can also find cakes, pies, Italian breads, and cookies from Cousin's Supermarket.

One-Stop for Cooking Essentials and Food Items

Cousin's Supermarket offers an incredible variety of cooking essentials. So, if you need to prepare dinner or get groceries, check out this store. Some store departments are: • Bakery • Meat • Produce • Deli • Seafood • Grocery Wondering what you can buy from Cousin's Supermarket? Here are some things available at Cousin's Supermarket. • Veggies, fruits • Boneless chicken, steaks, spare ribs • Cheeses, deli meats • Italian bread, cookies, pies • Arabic and Spanish products • Prawn, fish

Check Out the Exceptional Sales Offers

Cousin's Supermarket offers several discounts and sales. You can save a great amount of money by choosing mixed packages or products on sale. The best part is that you can find sale offers in every category. Note that these offers change every week and can vary by location. Here, we’ve mentioned some store departments with their weekly offers.

Dairy Specials

If you want cheese, yogurt, and Twisted Colladers Dessert, you can benefit from dairy specials. You can get more than one chunk of cheese, cream cheese, butter, and yogurt at affordable prices, sometimes half price.

Frozen Specials

You can purchase quick and easy-to-make waffles and pizza, ice cream, gelato, fresh packed veggies, ice cream bars, bread, Texas toast, and other items at affordable prices. This category on Cousin's Supermarket allows you to purchase more than one product for less price than its total.

Product Hispanos

There are also several discount offers under this category, allowing you to purchase different food items at half price. However, it’s limited to a few products so check the item on sale before purchasing.

Vegetables and Fruits

There is also a sale on different vegetables and fruits like white potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, limes, coconut, etc.

Benefits from Meat Packages

Cousin's Supermarket makes meat shopping affordable for its consumers by offering several market packages. You can find checking, turkey, and beef packages that include different meat items like: • Beef cubes • Turkey chops • Ground meat • Steak • Chicken leg • Chicken wings • Roast beef • Chicken hot dogs

Find Your Favorite Product in Hot Grocery Specials

Cousin's Supermarket offers a hot grocery special every week that contains different items, such as house cleaning, snacks, air freshness, cooking essentials, dog treats, and other things. Generally, this discount offer allows two of the same products at discounted prices. This helps you get month’s supply of an item so you get major savings.

Cousin's Supermarket Anniversary

Cousin's Supermarket is celebrating its 40th year anniversary. Therefore, you can expect to get some additional sales and discounts this week. Since it’s their anniversary, they’ve added many more offers in different store departments such as hot grocery specials and meat offers. These discounts can change, and Cousin's Supermarket might add a few more sales to offer affordable purchases. So, if you want to benefit from the Cousin's Supermarket anniversary, check their website weekly to stay updated with their offers.

How you can buy from Cousin's Supermarket

Cousin's Supermarket doesn't offer shipping and delivery options. But you can go to the nearest Cousin's Supermarket store and get your desired items. It's a big store and offers different brand products, so check out each aisle to choose affordable options. They are located in Camden, Berks, and Luzerne. Additionally, all the stores stay open seven days a week. But they have different timings for Sundays. Here are the timings for each store. • Berks- you can visit the place from Monday to Saturday at any time between 8 am to 9 pm. On Sundays, the store stays open till 6 pm. • Camden- If you live near Camden, from Monday to Saturday, you can visit the store any time between 8 am to 8 pm. When it comes to Sundays, the store closes at 5 pm. • Luzerne- This store stays open from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday. If you need to go on Sunday, then keep in mind that it will close at 5 pm.

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