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A Quick Glance at Gaiam

JirkaRysavy founded Gaiam in 1988, focusing on producing and distributing yoga and fitness videos. The company's name, Gaiam, is derived from the Greek word "Gaia," which represents the Earth as a living organism. This name reflects the company's commitment to promoting health and well-being through products and services harmonizing with the natural world. Over time, Gaiam has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of products and services related to health, wellness, and sustainable living. The company offers various products to promote a healthy lifestyle, including yoga mats, fitness equipment, apparel, and accessories. In addition to physical products, Gaiam also offers digital products, such as online classes and a yoga studio app. Using eco-friendly components in its goods and partnerships with groups that promote environmental causes, the company is fully committed to sustainability.

Save Big With Gaiam Loyalty Program

Gaiam Rewards is a loyalty program that offers unique benefits and savings to its regular customers. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a loyal customer: 1. Points for purchases: Customers earn points for every purchase they make on the Gaiam website. The more points they earn, the more rewards they can redeem. 2. Points for reviews: Customers can earn additional points by leaving reviews of the products they have purchased on the Gaiam website. 3. Tiered benefits: There are three tiers in the Gaiam Rewards program, each with its own set of benefits. Customers can work their way up through the tiers by earning more points. 4. Exclusive products: Customers can redeem their points for exclusive Gaiam products unavailable elsewhere. 5. Discounts: Customers can redeem their points for discounts on future purchases.

Stay Fit and Active With GaiamYoga Studio App

Gaiam's Yoga Studio App is a digital product that offers access to a library of yoga and meditation classes led by experienced instructors. With over 80 categories ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, the app provides HD video format. Also offer a variety of styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga. You can customize classes and schedules, track progress, and set reminders. The Yoga Studio App makes it simple to practice yoga and meditation wherever you are.

Join Gaiam's Affiliation Programs For Great Incentives

Gaiam's Affiliate Program is a marketing program for customers interested in promoting its products. Sign up for the program through its website and earn a commission on each sale. Once you subscribe, you get a custom link that you can use on your social media page, web store, or email. Enjoy sales commission without outwardly making any selling efforts. If your family, friends, or connections purchase Gaiam's products using your link, you get a certain percentage of that sale.

Celebrate Your Happy Moments With Gaiam's Gift Cards

Now you can help your loved ones stay healthy with Gaiam eGift Cards. You can purchase these digital cards in any denomination that suits your budget. Take it a notch up with a personalized message to share your feelings and well-wishes in a unique way. You can surprise your friends and family by sending them the eGift card through email that they can use for online purchases. These eGift Cards are available in various designs and can be used for multiple wellness products, making them a convenient and thoughtful gift option.

Get Yoga Mat Finder At Gaiam

You would want to relax and rejuvenate while doing yoga and meditation. This is why personal preferences in choosing a yoga mat are highly crucial. Gaiam lets you find that meets your needs and customize it based on size, material, thickness, and color. Just answer a few simple questions to receive personalized recommendations for your yoga mat. This will save you the time you would otherwise spend searching for the perfect mat. So what are you waiting for? Check out this unique feature today and game up your yoga practice.

Enjoy Risk-Free Shopping With Gaiam's Friendly Return and Exchange Policy

Gaiam provides a 30-day hassle-free return and exchange policy. You can contact Gaiam's customer service team or start the process through their online account to initiate a return or exchange. For exchanges and returns, pre-paid mailing labels are offered; the product must be undamaged and in its original packing to qualify.

Discover Online Ordering And Shipping Option At Gaiam

Gaiam provides online ordering and shipping options for customers who purchase products on its website. This way, your product gets delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle. The company offers different shipping options, including standard, expedited, and express shipping, and provides customers with the estimated delivery time and cost at checkout. All you need to do is select the items and choose the shipping option that suits your requirements. Once done, you can use the tracking number to know the status of your package and ensure it will reach you on time.

Sign up for its NewsletterTo Stay Updated

To sign up for Gaiam's newsletter, customers can visit the Gaiam website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. It will help you receive regular updates about Gaiam's health and fitness equipment right in your inbox.

Find the Best Discounts at MrWeeklyAds

Customers can sign up for MrWeeklyAds. to stay informed about Gaiam's most recent news and developments and to benefit from savings on their health and wellness-related products. You can save money and stay updated on Gaiam updates. Subscribe to Mr. Weekly Ads and check it regularly.