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A Brief Intro for Lululemon

Lululemon is one of the leading retailers in the U.S. and Canada for athletic wear and sportswear. It provides customers with a wide range of comfortable and trendy clothing that helps them look and feel good when they are working out or playing sports. The company has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and it has nearly 500 stores all over the U.S. and Canada.

The Station for Your Fitness Needs

Whether you need high-quality joggers to support your feet while you are running, or swimsuits to help you cut through the water much easier, Lululemon has it all for you. It serves both men and women, and provides them with authentic and premium quality clothing, footwear, accessories, and much more. Best of all, Lululemon products are priced fairly and give you great value for money, so you won’t be spending your money anywhere else once you try out its exquisite products. All the products from Lululemon are made using the best fabrics and materials, so that you always get the best.

Get in Shape with the MIRROR

MIRROR is Lululemon’s new and innovative product that looks like an ordinary mirror, but actually has an entire home gym embedded into it. Whether you are looking to perform yoga, practice your punches and kicks, do a cardio session, or any other type of exercise, the MIRROR has got you covered. If you work out at home and often feel alone or require any help with exercising, the MIRROR is the perfect companion for you. You can order it from Lululemon and get it delivered to your home ASAP.

Join the Community of Fitness Enthusiasts

If you would like to get together with like-minded people, you can join Lululemon’s global community of fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts who can uplift and encourage you. Through the community, you can find out about various exercises and workout regimes, discuss your progress with others, and do much more as well.

Become a Lululemon Affiliate

If you’re social media savvy and like to post your workout videos and vlogs, you can partner up with Lululemon and become an affiliate. Once you join the affiliate program, you can post your content promoting their products and earn a pretty decent commission for it. This way, you can buy all your favorite Lululemon products and further your fitness journey.

Get In-store Shopping Appointment

Do you like having the store all to yourself as you decide what to buy? You can do so at Lululemon by booking an in-store shopping appointment, which allows you to shop to your heart’s content, even before and after regular store hours. This way, you have the freedom of trying as many articles of clothing you need, and you won’t be in a rush.

Free Shipping and Returns

Not many brands care about their customers in a way that Lululemon does, and it shows its affection towards it loyal customers by offering free shipping and returns, so that you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra to get your order, nor do you have to pay anything to return something that you don’t like.

Lululemon’s Mobile Apps

Not only does Lululemon give you everything you need for an enjoyable shopping experience, but it also helps you train and achieve your goals, be it fitness-related or regarding a certain sport. The Lululemon app for iOS and Android provides you with a platform where you can shop for the best gear and also receive inspiration and motivation. Some of the benefits of this app include: • Quickly select items and check out by making your own account. • Make login secure through fingerprint recognition. • Use the store locator to find Lululemon stores near you. • Add your favorite products to the list from where you can easily order them. • Easily get and send gift cards to your family and friends. • Check whether an article is available in your size or not.

Find the Best Lululemon Discounts and Deals from 1Weekly

Shopping at Lululemon is already a very enjoyable experience, and it is made even better when you get access to various discounts and offers that bring down the prices of your favorite products and help you buy them easily. Furthermore, you can also make use of 1Weekly to find the best deals and promotions on all Lululemon products. Keep checking our weekly ads from time to time and when you see something you like, just go for it.

About Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica is an athletic apparel retailer headquartered in Vancouver. The company was founded in 1988 as a retailer of yoga-related apparel and has since then grown to be one of the biggest apparel retailers in the world. Lululemon sells a host of athletic wear, including shorts, pants, tracksuits, and a wide selection of yoga accessories. They also sell hair accessories, water bottles, and yoga mats. The company trademarked its original fabric called Luon in 2005 and has used the peculiarities of the Luon fabric (which has a higher than average level of nylon microfiber) to promote a lot of its products.
Asides from having a decent business model, Lululemon Athletica also pays a lot of attention to research and design. For example, the company has an R&D facility called Whitespace in its facilities. Whitespace has about fifty employees, including physiologists and scientists.
Lululemon Athletica started as a yoga apparel company, and although they've expanded to other parts of the apparel business, they still keep maintain the core value they began with; wellness of the soul, and fitness of the body. These watchwords are deeply rooted in the company's culture, and they always go into research and development thinking of how their products can help their customers feel better about themselves.
Asides from selling good products, Lululemon Athletica looks after its customers in other ways. The company holds weekly Yoga sessions for customers in its stores, and even uploads yoga workout videos on its websites to allow online shoppers to feel included. It doesn't get more wholesome than that.