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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current deals in the Brookshire's weekly ad?

The latest deals in the Brookshire's ad change every week. To discover the most recent deals, check out the latest Brookshire's ad on this page. Make sure to visit our website regularly to stay updated on the newest ads and promotions.

Where can I find the latest Brookshire's ad?

The most recent Brookshire's weekly ad is available right here on this page. This is where you'll find the new weekly ad, featuring all of our current deals and promotions. Make sure to check out the Brookshire's weekly ad this week, next Week's Brookshire's Weekly Ad, and the last Week's Brookshire's Weekly Ad.

How can I view the latest Brookshire's ad?

You can view the latest Brookshire's ad by frequently visiting this page. Here, you'll find the most up-to-date ad that you can browse through to discover all the current deals and promotions.

Can I view the Brookshire's ad online?

Yes, you can easily view the Brookshire's ad online on our website Here, you can quickly and conveniently find the latest Brookshire's ad and browse through it to stay informed about all ongoing deals and promotions.

How long are the deals in the Brookshire's ad valid?

The deals in the Brookshire's ad are typically valid for one week. The start and end dates of the deals are indicated in the ad. Please note that some deals may only be valid for a few days or while supplies last. Consult the ad to make sure you don't miss out on any great offers.

How often do new Brookshire's ads and deals come out?

New Brookshire's ads and deals typically come out weekly. Keep in mind that some special events or holidays may have additional ads and deals. Be sure to visit our website regularly to stay updated on the latest ads and promotions.

How can I subscribe to the Brookshire's ad?

To subscribe to the Brookshire's ad, head to the Brookshire's page on and click on the 'Subscribe' button or 'Sign up for our newsletter'. Enter your email address and follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete your subscription. You'll then receive the latest Brookshire's ad and deals directly in your inbox every week.

How can I find my nearest Brookshire's location?

To find your nearest Brookshire's location, go to the store locator on the Brookshire's page of Enter your zip code or city and click on 'Search'. The nearest stores and their contact information will be displayed on the map and in the list.

Where can I find the opening hours of my local Brookshire's?

You can find the opening hours of your local Brookshire's on the Brookshire's page of Locate your nearest branch using the store locator and click on the store's name. The opening hours, contact information, and other relevant details will be displayed on the store's detail page.

Can I find the Brookshire's ad in the store as well?

Yes, you can usually find the Brookshire's ad in the store too. Paper copies of the latest ad are often available at the store entrance or customer service desk. However, please note that the availability of the paper ad may vary by store. For the most current and comprehensive overview of deals and ads, visit our website at

Can I order the Brookshire's deals online?

Yes, you can order the Brookshire's deals online. Visit the official Brookshire's website and select the products you want to purchase from the ads. Add them to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process to take advantage of the discounts.

Are the deals and ads valid at all Brookshire's locations?

The deals and ads are generally valid at all Brookshire's locations. However, some deals may be limited to specific locations or online shopping. Check the ad or the Brookshire's website for the validity and any limitations of the deals.

How can I stay updated on future Brookshire's deals and promotions?

You can sign up for the Brookshire's newsletter to stay updated on future deals and promotions. Visit the Brookshire's website and sign up with your email address. You'll receive regular updates featuring the latest deals, ads, and other promotions.

How can I contact the Brookshire's customer service for questions about deals and ads?

If you have questions about deals and ads, you can contact the Brookshire's customer service. Go to the Brookshire's website and look for the contact page, where you can find the customer service contact information and hours of operation. You can also use the live chat feature, if available.

Are there any limitations on the quantity of products I can buy during a deal?

Some deals may have limitations on the quantity of products you can purchase. These limitations are usually stated in the ad or on the Brookshire's website. It's important to check the terms of each deal to know if any restrictions apply.

How can I use deals from the Brookshire's ad when shopping online?

To use deals from the Brookshire's ad when shopping online, visit the Brookshire's website and search for the products from the ad that you want to buy. Add the products to your shopping cart, and the discounts will be automatically applied during the checkout process. Make sure the deals are valid for online shopping and check the validity period of the offer.

Brookshire's discount tips

A Quick Glance at Brookshire’s

Brookshire’s is a renowned grocery store and pharmacy that has been in business since almost 90 years. Brookshire Grocery Co. opened its first store in Tyler, Texas in 1928, which is also its headquarters. Today, the company has more than 180 stores in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, along with numerous distribution centers as well in the United States.

All Your Grocery and Pharmacy Needs Fulfilled

Brookshire’s brings you the finest collection of pharmaceutical products and groceries under one roof, so that you don’t have to search elsewhere for top-quality products. Not only does it have the best products, but it also sells them at unbeatable prices, which is why many people prefer shopping at Brookshire’s. Whether you need meat, fruits, dairy products, beverages, electronics, or any other thing, Brookshire’s has it all. So, you can shop to your heart’s content at its stores, as well as online. Moreover, the retailer also gives you amazing discounts and offers that help you save big on your purchases.

Awesome Discounts and Promotions

Brookshire’s cares about providing a quality customer experience to all the shoppers, which is why it offers amazing discounts and deals for its loyal customers, so that they can buy their favorite products at even better prices than before. Have a look at their weekly specials to find out which products have been recently added to the catalog, as well as the top discounts on existing products. There are various promotions that Brookshire’s rolls out from time to time, and customers can use these to save a great deal of money on their food and pharmacy needs. One of their popular promotion is the eDeal of the Week, where a new item is available on an unbelievable price each week. You can easily save anywhere between $5 and $50 on your purchases.

Seniors Get a Special Discount

If you are 60 years old or above, you can enjoy a special senior discount at Brookshire’s. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you can slash 5% off your grocery bill by using the Brookshire’s Thank You card, which you can register for conveniently and in a few seconds only. This allows you to get your groceries and medication at a lower price than you usually do.

Join the Brookshire’s Clubs

If you are a wine connoisseur, parent, or pet owner, Brookshire’s has something special in store for you. You can join the Wine Club to receive special discounts, offers, recommendations on the best wines, and much more from time to time. You can also enjoy an exclusive member-only discount of 10% if you buy 6 or more bottles in one transaction. Plus, you can also check out the wine style guide and the guide for food and wine pairings that is available at Brookshire’s, so that you can enjoy your wine drinking experience even further. Apart from the Wine Club, there is also the Baby Club, where you can exclusive and amazing discounts on baby products, as well as regular updates on new offers and promotions. Along with this, you can also find the Pet Club, where pet loves enjoy excellent savings on all the pet products that they buy for their furry friends.

Brookshire’s Gift Cards

If you are looking to give your loved ones a special gift, then you can check out Brookshire’s Gift Cards, which gives them excellent discounts and savings on all their favorite products. They are available for any amount between $5 and $500, so you can easily get one by vising your nearest store or filling out an online form. Moreover, you can also call the Brookshire’s helpline and place an order. Plus, you can also find merchant gift cards at Brookshire’s, which offers you gift cards for specific brands, merchants, or even product categories. So, if you know a loved one who regularly shops from a certain brand or merchant, you can give them a specialized gift card for this purpose.

Shop Easily with the Brookshire’s Mobile App

Brookshire’s focuses on making shopping convenient for its customers, which is why it has an innovative and user-friendly mobile app that they can use for all their grocery and pharmacy needs. The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, and has the following benefits: • Save time by ordering from thousands of products online, and also receive your order through curbside delivery. • Choose from previously ordered products and add them to cart quickly. • Make shopping lists on the mobile app, and order all the products on it with just a tap. • Receive rewards points for each purchase, and use the points to get amazing discounts. • Check out different recipes that you can try, and add the included ingredients to your list.

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About Brookshire's

The Brookshire Grocery Company is a Texas-based supermarket chain that has over 178 stores operating in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. The company was founded on September 1, 1928, by Wood T. And Louis Berkshire. The first Brookshire outlet was originally a part of the Brookshire brother's chain. However, both companies split in 1939, and are no longer related.

In the 1940s, Brookshire saw its first real wave of expansion when it started expanding into other communities. In the 1960s, there was another wave of expansion, with the company expanding into Louisiana. Through the years, the company has continued to expand and now it employs over 14,000 people at more than 150 locations.

Brookshire's has come a very long way since it was founded in 1928, but the main values that make the company what it is remains; community service, customer care, and quality products. The firm continues to deliver amazing experiences to customers, and as a result, it has experienced exceptional growth— and continues to do so.

The number one focus of the company is the people and the communities that it serves. When Wood T. Brookshire opened the first Brookshire store, he made sure that it was focused on making customers happy. Generations after his death, Brookshire is still on that fateful path.