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A Quick Glance at LeRoy Jewelers

LeRoy Jewelers is a luxurious jewelry brand selling premium-quality pendants, rings, and necklaces. Two young men joined hands in the 1930s to set up a jewelry store in Coulee City. After losing workers, the founders moved their store to downtown Tacoma in 1941, changing the name to LeRoy Jewelers. Later in 1942, Hazel Farber joined the brand and guided them toward gemstone success. After Irving Farber died in 1965, Mrs. Farber took charge of the business, leading to its rapid expansion. She retired in 2004 after helping the brand create one-of-a-kind gemstones and jewelry. Today, the brand operates 12 stores across the US and enjoys $3.28 billion in revenue.

The Perfect Solution to All Your Accessories Needs

Sprinkle a little shine to your winter fits with LeRoy Jewelers' attractive trinkets. Check out its extensive catalog online or in-store by exploring the following categories: • Bracelet • Brooch • Earrings • Gems • LeRoy Jewelers Originals • Necklace • Pendant • Ring • Vintage

Enjoy Big Savings at LeRoy Jewelers

Purchase premium-quality pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more at LeRoy Jewelers without breaking the bank by checking out its sales and deals. You can enjoy up to 70% off your favorite gemstones and jewelry, including the Twisted Diamond Necklace, Silver Necklace, Men's Wedding Band Tungsten Size 8, and LeRoy's Necklace.

Besides this, you can enjoy free shipping on your order by using its coupon code.

Discover an Extensive Catalog of Beautiful Jewels

Unlock an extensive range of eye-catching jewels to beautify your favorite fits. You can find countless gemstones, including black pearl, blue topaz, crystal quartz, onyx, opal, platinum, and quartz sapphire. Besides this, you can find famous jewels like sapphire, diamond, ruby, sterling silver, ruby, and vintage.

Get Inspired by Checking out LeRoy Jewelers' Work

Custom-design jewelry that matches your taste by visiting LeRoy Jewelers' website or in-store. If you're struggling to find the perfect design, you can get inspiration by checking the brand's catalog. Surf its past designs to design unique wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants.

Make the Right Buying Decision with Yelp

Purchasing a precious gemstone is a significant purchase. Check out LeRoy Jeweler's Yelp reviews and ensure you buy the perfect jewelry from the right brand. Here you can also check LeRoy Jeweler's opening and closing times.

Shop Exclusive Designs with LeRoy Jewelers Original

Shop the best jewelry designs at LeRoy Jewelers by surfing through its Originals collection. Visit the website to find the Solitaire Sapphire Ring, Aquamarine & Cuprite Earrings, Yellow Gold and Diamond Hummingbird Brooch, and Rose Gold Tanzanite Pendant. Besides this, you can purchase the Onyx & Amethyst, Lapis/Gold Leaf, Dove of Peace Pendant, and 14-k Trompe L'Oiel Onyx and Diamond Pendant.

Create Your Shopping Bag

Surf LeRoy Jeweler's website to create your shopping cart. Once done, you can choose your preferred payment and delivery options during checkout. Besides this, you can reorder your favorite products from its website.

Visit LeRoy Jewelers In-Store

Take a trip to LeRoy Jewelers or schedule an appointment by checking the brand's "Visit" section. Get started by looking at the brand's locations and opening and closing hours. Here, you'll also find LeRoy Jewelers' Holiday timings.

Find the Perfect Size by Using LeRoy Jeweler's Sizing Chart

Use LeRoy Jeweler's sizing chart to ensure you purchase the perfect ring for you and your lover. Simply click the "Sizing Chart" to find the USA, UK, Japan, and Europe sizes.

Payment Options at LeRoy Jewelers

Make online shopping exciting with LeRoy Jeweler's convenient payment options. The brand allows you to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Venmo, and Visa.

Sign Up for LeRoy Jewelers' Newsletter

Sign up for LeRoy Jeweler's newsletter to get exclusive discounts on your first order. You'll also be the first to learn about new releases, upcoming sales, and the latest trends. Besides, you'll get special offers and promo codes delivered to your inbox.

Find the Nearest LeRoy Jewelers Store

Spot the LeRoy Jewelers outlet closest to your home by using your current location. Alternatively, you can scroll through the brand's location page. Besides this, you can book zoom consultations for custom designs and personalized shopping experiences. You can also choose curbside delivery for a convenient shopping experience.

Use MrWeeklyAds to Find the Best LeRoy Jewelers Discounts

Access fun deals and discount codes at LeRoy Jewelers by staying up-to-date with MrWeeklyAds. Purchase premium-quality pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. Keep visiting LeRoy Jewelers to be the first to learn about its newest releases, weekly ad updates, and enticing coupon codes.