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A Quick Glance at Sprint

Sprint Corporation, simply called Sprint, was a famous telecommunications brand in the US. On April 1, 2020, Sprint and T-Mobile US merged, becoming the country’s telecom giant. Sprint served more than 54.3 million customers across the globe and secured the title of being the fourth-largest mobile network. Sprint has its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, US, and enjoys a fantastic revenue of up to US$ 33.6 billion

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Must-Have Mobile Plans

Sprint provides its customers easy access to incredible mobile packages and data plans. These plans come with various perks, including free shipping with Amazon Prime, streaming your favorite TV shows on Hulu, up to 100 GB of mobile data, and so much more! In addition, you can purchase the following on Sprint: ● Accessories ● Add on Services ● Apple iPhone ● Android Phones ● Bring Your Own Device ● Budget-friendly phones ● Hotspot and Connected Devices ● Tablets ● Unlimited deals ● Watches What’s more? You can enjoy purchasing your must-have mobile products, services, and packages at a budget-friendly price by using Sprint’s deals, discounts, rewards, and prizes.

Check Out Sprint’s Plans

Learn more about Sprint’s incredible mobile plans by visiting its website. Here, you can find the following services: Calling Services It includes high quality and affordable plans relevant to: ● Call forwarding ● Restrict Caller ID ● Sprint 411 ● Sprint Direct Connect Plus ● VoLTE ● Wi-Fi Calling Text Messaging and Voicemail Services Sprint’s text messaging and voicemail plans extend to: ● Premium Text Messaging ● Visual Voicemail ● Visual Voicemail to Text ● Voicemail Safety and Security and Device Protection Services Check out Sprint’s exclusive safety and security programs to protect your devices: ● Lookout ● Safe and Found ● Sprint Complete ● Wireless Emergency Alerts Entertainment Services Use Sprint’s incredible entertainment services to enjoy streaming your favorite playlists and TV shows at a budget-friendly price: ● Sprint Music Plus ● TIDAL ● TVision

Create Your My Sprint Account

Sign up to Sprint today to get access to several perks, including: ● Find the latest exclusive deals and special offers ● Monitor and manage your day to day data usage ● Quickly confirm your options, personal information, and pricing ● Update your account preferences to match with the ideal packages and plans ● View and pay your bills hassle-free You may even join Sprint’s loyalty programs to get access to incredible promotions, exclusive deals from a plethora of partners, and discounts.

Enjoy Big Savings with Sprint’s Deals

Visit Sprint’s website to learn more about Sprint’s best deals and discounts. Grab your favorite mobile or mobile package by staying up to date with the website. Here are some of its newest, most exciting deals: ● Get Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G for free ● Get A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for no cost ● Get $830 off on iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini ● Enjoy $1000 off on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G on 36 monthly bill credits ● Enjoy a free Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Use its Store Locating Feature

Venture onto Sprint’s website and use its innovative store locator to find the Sprint outlet nearest your home. You may achieve this by either: ● Adding your ZIP Code ● Entering your City Code ● Typing in your State Code

Shipping and Delivery Options at Sprint

With Sprint, customers can enjoy hassle-free delivery. The brand uses FedEx or UPS to ship your package within 3 to 5 business days. As of now, the brand does not offer weekend deliveries. All orders are delivered free of charge.

Download Sprint’s Mobile App

Enjoy using your favorite mobile packages/services by downloading Sprint’s mobile app. Install Sprint’s Google app to enjoy the following benefits: ● Allow notifications and push notifications to be the first to know about the latest deals, special offers, and discounts ● Get access to high-quality customer service to troubleshoot your problems ● Find the mobile package, plan, or service that best meets your need by surfing through Sprint’s extensive options ● Join Sprint’s loyalty programs to get access to unique promotions, exclusive deals from various partners, and discounts ● Manage your Sprint account, packages and plans, and profile via its mobile app ● Pay your bills without any challenges

Find the Best Sprint Deals and Discounts on 1Weekly

Stay up to date with 1Weekly to access all the best deals, sales, and discounts to purchase all your must-have grocery items from Sprint. Connect with the perfect data plan, text and call packages, and other mobile services by venturing onto its website. Keep visiting its website to learn more about upcoming sales, ongoing contests, discounts and deals, and so much more!