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Arteaga's is one of the leading grocery stores in northern California that has been run by the same family for over 20 years now. It has always focused on providing authentic and fresh products to the consumers and helping them get the best grocery experience. The store mainly focuses on Mexican cuisine, which consists of various finger-licking dishes. The store has eight different locations throughout Northern California. The food center has also spread through San Jose, and it is now looking to expand into further areas. The Arteaga’s food center is 7 now open 7 days for up to 14 hours. It has a range of food products available. From fresh Mexican food to groceries, it has it all.

Get the Best Mexican Food and Groceries from Arteaga's Food Center

There is a vast Mexican food menu that offers amazing dishes. Some of the most exciting and promising dishes include: • Nachos • Flautas • Plata a Su Gusto • Pollo Assada • Taco Tray • Burritos • Meat and Tortilla • And so much more When you visit their website, you can foresee the menu and print it accordingly. The prices are also mentioned, along with the best family deals for Mexican food. Not only can you get fresh food from here, but you can also get the best groceries that you can use at home. Whether it is your weekly shopping or monthly, you will get everything in the desired quantity. There are many food products that you can get from here. Let’s take a look at some of the notable items listed on the grocery menu: • Marinated flap meat • Whole chicken • Marinated and roasted ribs • Cold drinks • Honey • Sauces • Snacks • Chocolate spreads • Mayonnaise and ketchup • Cooking oil • And much more Each store has an amazing range of products that you can buy to complete your home grocery. They have stores available all across Northern California that you can visit and complete your grocery shopping.

Get Exclusive Deals with Weekly Offers

The Arteagas food center offers weekly offers to attract more customers and ensure maximum savings for them. Let’s take a look at some of the notable items that are available at the best price: • 2 Large Mangoes for only $3 • Marinated Beef shoulder 5.5 LB • Sliced ham 6 LB • 4 White corns for $3 • Doritos and ruffles for only $7 • 2 tomato cocktails for $6 • 2 big size beverages for only $4 There are more products available in these exclusive deals. It ensures that the customers can get maximum savings while enjoying a traditional taste of Mexico.

Use Arteaga's Food Center's Store Locator Feature

If you are having trouble while trying to access the closest store, you can visit their website and use their store locator feature. All you need to do is mention your zip code, and it will show you the nearest location. You can also filter these locations by choosing a certain radius in terms of miles. You will also see the map accompanying you with pinpoint and exact locations. Makes sure to use this tool to find these stores easily and access the best Mexican food out there.

Use the Online Shopping Feature to Get Groceries Right at Your Doorstep

Arteaga's food center also ensures optimum delivery that gets the desired product delivered to you online. You can start adding the products to carts, and as you check out, you will get the fresh and quality products delivered to your home. Quick reminder: • The in-store pickups are now free for the users for orders that exceed $100. • DoorDash software is used to help in delivering the products to your home; it usually involves a minimal fee. Subscribe to their newsletter and get in touch To stay updated, you can easily subscribe to their newsletter through their website. Moreover, if you have any questions, then you can ask them by filling out a short form. It will ask: • Name • Email • Phone number • Location of the store • The message that you want to deliver The company will reach out to you to solve your queries. You can also ask them about any offers and whether they have gift cards or not.

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