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A Quick Glance at Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books, an independent publisher headquartered in San Francisco, has been crafting creations since the Summer of Love. Guided by an enduring love for books and the desire to ignite passions, they collaborate with artists, writers, and diverse organizations that mirror our multifaceted world. The company offers an inclusive work culture that values diversity and uplifts people from different backgrounds. You can sense their unique touch when you hold one of their creations. Every aspect is meticulously considered: Does the design enhance the content? How does it feel in your hands? What personal flourishes can they add to make it a cherished possession? This approach extends to their diverse offerings- books, journals, games, ebooks, or innovative creations.

Discover A World Of Books At Chronicle Books

Step into a world of literary wonder at Chronicle Books. Delve into an extensive collection of books across genres, from captivating fiction to enlightening non-fiction, delectable cookbooks to enchanting children's stories. Whether you're seeking knowledge, entertainment, or inspiration, you'll find it all within the pages of Chronicle Books. Embark on a reading journey that will transport you to new realms and ignite your imagination. Start exploring today and open the door to endless literary adventures.

Get Corporate GiftsFromChronicle Books

Enhance business relationships by offering corporate gifts from Chronicle Books. Impress customers, acknowledge employees, and spread the joy of books, stationery, and unique gifts. Explore the curated selection at Chronicle Books and make meaningful, lasting gestures.

Experience the Delight of Employee Gifts.

Experience the joy of presenting Employee Gifts from Chronicle Books. Their carefully curated range of gift products serves as more than just tokens – potent motivators that resonate across different industries, urging individuals to realize their true potential. Explore their diverse selection and elevate your team's spirits with meaningful presents that convey appreciation and ignite growth, accomplishment, and fulfillment. Show your team that their efforts are valued and their success is celebrated.

Explore Their Initiatives for Promoting Literacy.

Chronicle Books is dedicated to fostering early childhood literacy and cultivating a passion for reading among young readers. Through their range of books and programs, they strive to ignite the love for reading and encourage literary engagement for children. Discover more about their impactful efforts by visiting chronicle books and joining them in their mission to nurture a generation of avid readers and learners.

Unlock Savings with Bulk Orders!

Chronicle Books provides a lucrative bulk discount arrangement for orders surpassing 100 units, making it a perfect opportunity for organizations and businesses looking to acquire large quantities of books, stationery, and gifts. Additionally, they extend the advantage of free shipping within the USA, enhancing the value of your purchase. Embrace this offer and enjoy cost-effective bulk pricing and complimentary shipping for your substantial orders.

Explore Their Shipping and Return Policy:

Chronicle Books efficiently processes and dispatches orders within 2–3 business days upon receipt. If your purchase doesn't meet your expectations, you can initiate a return within 30 days of receiving the order. This policy ensures a hassle-free shopping experience, allowing you to shop confidently, knowing your satisfaction is a priority. To delve deeper into shipping and return details, visit Chronicle Books' website and acquaint yourself with their seamless process for both shipping and returns.

Hassle-free Online Ordering and Secure Payment Choices

Chronicle Books offers a hassle-free online ordering experience, accepting payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. For your data security, all online transactions are protected using Shopify Secure payment technology, employing encryption to safeguard your information during transmission. After order processing, credit card details are securely discarded, prioritizing your privacy. With user-friendly online ordering and robust payment security measures, Chronicle Books ensures convenience and protection throughout your shopping journey.

Enjoy Free Shipping For Purchases More Than $40

Experience the convenience of free shipping when you make purchases totaling $40 or more at Chronicle Books. Delight in this cost-saving perk while you explore their wide range of captivating books, engaging stationery, and thoughtful gifts. Elevate your reading and gifting experience today.

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