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A Brief Overview of Air France

Air France is a company that deals in 4 major activities, which are passenger transportation, freight, aeronautical servicing, and maintenance. This company has been serving people since 1933, and more than 42,000 people are mobilized daily in order to provide the best traveling experience to their customers. Air France is basically a collaborative venture between Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Transavia. The Air France-KLM Group have its hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol, from where they operate a vast international network. Air France prioritizes its customer's health and safety more than anything. During the health crises in the Covid 19 phase, they introduced exceptional measures to ensure quality aviation service with peace of mind for the customers. The governance body of Air France is divided into two groups. One is the Board of Directors which consists of 17 directors, and the other governing body is the Executive Committee which consists of 11 operational managers.

Activities Air France Deals in

Air France deals in 5 customer-related activities. They take care of your aviation, your cargo, maintenance, and operations.


Air France majorly and mainly deals in aviation and passenger transport. They have a hugely dense and structured network that operates from their hub in Paris to almost all of the world.


Air France KLM has its own specialized air freight service that operates through a global network.


The third business of Air France is handling maintenance or the MRO market. Its main objective is to ensure the airworthiness of its flights and also maintain its position as the leading MRO company in the world.

Customer Companies Assistance Center

The Customer Companies Assistance Center lends its expertise to private, diplomatic, official flights, and commercial airlines through its wide range of assistance services at the Paris airport.

Operations Control Center

The Air France Operations Control Center works 365 days a year and 24/7 to ensure all the operational activity of the company is running smoothly.

How to Book your Flight

You can easily book your flight by just going on their website. Select the place you are traveling from, select your date of departure and date of arrival, then select which destination you want to go to. Select the kind of category you want to travel in, for example, economy, premium economy, business class, or premium business class. And your tickets will be booked according to your schedule. Air France possesses an amazingly easy method for you to book a flight. When you book your flight, your seat details, details of how much luggage you can carry, till when you can cancel or delay your flight all appear on the website for your assistance. They even make you aware of the tiniest information, so you should not suffer for absolutely anything afterward.

Amazing Promo Fares

Air France offers their customers a wide range of promotional offers by lowering their fares to a great extent. They offer regular discounts to places like: • Cape Town, South Africa • Casablanca, Morocco • Lagos, Nigeria • Johannesburg, South Africa • Mauritius, Mauritius • Bengaluru, India • Mumbai, India • Delhi, India • Pointe A Pitre, Guadelope • Athens, Greece • Madrid, Spain • Barcelona, Spain • Dubrovnik, Croatia • Rome, Italy • Bordeaux, France • Marseille, France • Nice, France • Paris, France • Lyon, France • Papeete Tahiti, French Polynesia

Payments and Payment Methods

The fee that Air France costs you obviously varies from place to place, but there are many other reasons also for which you might need to pay extra, such as: • Extra Luggage • Carrying heavy instruments • Taking along pets with you • Items like surfing boards and bikes • Cancellation charges For methods, air France receives payments through credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal. You can also redeem vouchers when making payments for your flights.

Mobile App

Air France also has their own personalized mobile application, which you can install on your mobile to be aware of any discounts, promotions, offers, and information that could benefit you. If you sign up on their main website, the Air France customer support system will contact you themselves for each tiniest information and benefit.

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