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A Quick Glance at Weis Markets

Weis Markets, Inc., is a popular Mid-Atlantic grocery chain. With its headquarters in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, U.S., the brand provides customers easy access to all kinds of grocery items. Currently, Weis Markets runs and operates more than 190 stores across Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and Virginia. Plus, it has more than 23,000 employees.

Purchase Grocery Items at Lower Prices from Weis Markets

Weis Markets provides its customers easy access to a wide array of grocery items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, breakfast items, beverages and snacks, sweets, health care essentials, and so much more. What's more? You can leverage your total by taking advantage of sales, discounts and coupon codes, deals, and so much more:

How to Save at Weis Markets

Weis Markets provides customers with an array of sales, discounts, and deals. Some of the best ways to save while purchasing at Weis Markets are as follows: ● Compare and Save ● 10% off on Thursday for Military ● 10% off on Tuesday for Senior Citizens ● Exclusive Deals on Friday ● Lower Prices on Certain Items ● Buy One and Get One Free ● Everyday Low Prices

Enjoy Big Savings with Coupon Codes

Enjoy saving on all your favorite grocery items using cost-effective coupons and discount codes. Weis Markets allows you to scroll through hundreds of coupons to find the best match for your needs. Once you find a coupon you need, click on it, and it'll be added to your cart. This way, you can use it during checkout or save it for later. You can even use double coupons for extra savings!

Keep up with Its Weekly Ad

Stay up to date with Weis Markets' weekly flyer to find all the best deals, discounts, and coupon codes. You can access fantastic sales, discounts, and deals on various kinds of grocery items such as dairy products, fresh produce, meat, breakfast items, snacks and beverages, sweets and gums, and so much more. Weis Markets updates its flyers every week, so be sure to check it out frequently.

Discounts for Military

Weis Markets shows its support for the military by providing 10% off on all items every Thursday. This discount is eligible for individuals: ● Active ● Military Veterans ● Retired Simply show your Military ID at checkout and Weis Markets will offer an incredible 10% discount on all your purchases.

Savings for Seniors

Senior citizens can now enjoy 10% off on all grocery items on Tuesdays. To get this discount, simply show your ID at checkout.

Get Discounts on Amusement Parks

Enjoy exciting weekend getaways by purchasing tickets at discounted prices. Weis Markets offers discounted tickets for the following amusement parks: ● Del Grosso's Park ● Laguna Splash ● Knoebels ● The Pride of the Susquehanna

Win Exciting Prizes

Weis Markets provides plenty of ways shoppers can enjoy an engaging experience. One such way is through their outstanding games. You can enter its sweepstakes by venturing onto its website. The best part? You can win all kinds of fun gifts, such as an incredible $200 Weis Market gift card or a $100 fanatics gift card.

Surprise Your Loved One with a Weis Markets Gift Card

What better way to show your love than the Weis Markets gift cards? You can choose between $10 to $100, as well as various vibrant designs. You can even check your balance and redeem your card by venturing onto its website.

Earn Rewards and Prizes

Sign up for the Weis Club Card to enjoy purchasing grocery items at discounted prices, morning coffee, and gas. What's more? With the Weis Rewards Program, you can earn rewards on different purchases and redeem them.

Weis Markets' Google App

For more convenience, Weis Markets' customers can use the innovative mobile app. Download the mobile app to enjoy the following benefits: ● Curate your own Weis Markets account to get notifications about upcoming sales, deals, and discounts ● Get inspiration for dinner and lunchtime by checking out Weis Markets' many appetizing recipes ● Scroll through hundreds of coupons to find one that matches your needs ● Skip all the lines by shopping online on Weis Markets

Find the Best Weis Markets Deals and Discounts on 1Weekly

Stay up to date with 1Weekly to access to all the best deals, sales, and discounts to purchase all your favorite grocery items from Weis Markets. Keep checking its weekly ad and coupons to enjoy purchasing your must-haves from its website.

About Weis Markets

Weis Markets is a good retailer that sells a lot of house brands under private brand labels. The retailer sells everything from deli meat and dog food, to organic fruits and vegetables. The company was founded by Harry and Sigmund Weis in 1912 when they decided to open a small store known as Weis Pure Food on market Street, Pennsylvania. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth. Today, Weis Markets operates 196 locations and works with more than 23,000 employees.
Weis Markets is headquartered in Pennsylvania, and it's run by Jonathan Weis, the chairman, and CEO of the company. The company is different from a lot of retail markets in Pennsylvania, as it's one of the few retail-chains that sell beer and wine in in-store cafés at some of its locations.
Over the last century, the Weis market has seen growth that many companies can't even dream of. But that growth didn't come easy. The leadership and employees have had to work hard to engineer the sort of aggressive growth that the company has seen. One strategy that has proven to be extremely important to the growth of Weis Market is offering customers a potent combination of great customer service, amazing value for money, and high-quality products. The company has been focused on offering that ever since the doors of the first store were open, and it doesn't look like they are changing that strategy anytime soon.