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A Quick Glance at Vallarta

Vallarta Supermarkets Inc., commonly known as Vallarta, is a popular supermarket retailer. With headquarters in Sylmar, Los Angeles, U.S., the store has more than 50 locations across California. The supermarket chain caters to Latino buyers and sells meat and deli, fresh vegetables, and fruits at lower, affordable prices.

One-Stop-Shop for all Your Grocery Needs

Vallarta provides customers easy access to a wide variety of grocery items. These include fresh vegetables and fruits, deli items, beverages and snacks, fresh flowers, dairy products, breakfast items, back-to-school supplies, and so much more. What's more? You can leverage your total using various sales, deals, and discounts:

Enjoy Saving with its Exciting Coupons

Vallarta makes your shopping experience fun by offering many discounts, sales, and coupon codes. Visit their website and scroll through lists of great digital coupons. Simply click on the coupon you want, and get it on your account. You can use the added coupon while checking out or save it for future use. Keep in mind that Vallarta requires you to follow the directions on each coupon. Here, you can find the validity time of your selected coupon and how many times it will be accepted. Find out more about the rules and policies of using printed and digital coupons by venturing onto Vallarta's website.

Keep Up with Its Weekly Ad

Grab all your favorite grocery items while they're on sale by keeping up with Vallarta's weekly ad. Put in your ZIP code or select your current location and watch as Vallarta takes you to the weekly circular of your desired store. Here, you can find discounts, sales, and deals on all kinds of items, including: ● Back to school essentials ● Breakfast items ● Dairy products ● Fresh fruits and vegetables ● Fresh flowers ● Meat and deli ● Pre pared meals from La Cocina ● Snacks and beverages ● And so much more

Check Out Vallarta's Promotions and Contests

Vallarta makes shopping exciting with unique promotions and contests. Check out their website to find out about ongoing and upcoming contests. Recently, Vallarta held four amazing contests. These are as follows: ● Win the new 2021/22 Mexico National Team Jersey- Eligible for participants above the age of 18 ● Shows and Giveaways for the Hollywood Bowl- Where eligible participants can win all kinds of giveaways for exhibitions and an incredible $100 Vallarta supermarket gift card ● $50 Gift Card and a Dedicated Song- The perfect mother's day gift that provides you with a $50 gift card and a song by the Mariachi Divas ● 2 Tickets to the Hollywood Bowl- Ongoing contest in which four winners will be provided with two tickets to Carlos Vives shows at the Hollywood Bowl

Surprise Your Loved One with Vallarta's Gift Cards

Make your loved one all the happier by gifting them Vallarta's exciting gift cards. These gift cards are easily accessible on its website and in-store. Plus, they are valid for in-store and online purchases. You can even choose between different amounts and designs. Lastly, you can check your balance, as well as redeem your gift card in any of Vallarta's stores or online.

Feast on All Your Favorite Meals from La Cocina

Enjoy gorging on mouthwatering by ordering La Cocina's pre-prepared meals. Grab all your favorite traditional Central American and Mexican dishes from La Cocina. In addition, La Cocina allows you to purchase meal 'kits' that contain pre-chopped onions, rice beans, cilantro, and other ingredients to save yourself time.

Delivery and Shipping Options at Vallarta

Vallarta makes shopping for your favorite items increasingly convenient by providing customers with various delivery and shipping options. You can choose between curbside pick-up and home delivery. Furthermore, depending on the items you order, Vallarta uses Instacart and Door Dash delivery services.

Vallarta's Store Locator

Vallarta makes it easy for you to find the outlet nearest to you with its store locator app. Just add your ZIP or Postal code or click on your current GPS location to find a store close to your location. In addition, you can find the store's opening and closing times, its phone number, easy-to-follow directions, available services, and accepted payments.

Find the Best Vallarta Deals and Discounts on 1Weekly

Stay up to date with 1Weekly to get access to all the best deals, sales, and discounts to purchase all your must-have grocery items from Vallarta. Keep visiting its website to learn more about upcoming sales, ongoing contests, discounts and deals, and so much more!

About Vallarta Supermarkets

Vallarta is an American supermarket chain founded in 1985 by a Mexican immigrant named Enrique Gonzalez Aguayo. The chain of supermarkets is based in Los Angeles, California. As of November 2016, the chain consisted of about 50 locations in California alone. Most of the stores are in southern California, but recent expansions have seen Vallarta establish three locations in Fresno. The supermarkets mainly cater to the needs of the Latino community in California and usually sell items that are usually not found in more traditional American stores like Walmart.
The supermarket is, without a shred of doubt, one of the biggest Latino-owned supermarket chains in California. In late 2020, the company opened its 51st store in Madera, California, and has plans to open yet another location in a few months.
Vallarta supermarkets are often called the "home of the original Carne Asada". This is because many of the ingredients used to make an authentic Carne Asada can only be found in a Vallarta supermarket. The company had made sure it retains and promotes the Mexican culture that is at the core of its business model and identity. This has paid great dividends, as the supermarket chain continues establishing new locations and continues to expand every day.
Everything that Vallarta does is to satisfy its customers. It's a customer-centric business in a way that many other businesses can't even dream to be. The customer service on offer is simply exemplary, and every customer leaves a Vallarta Supermarket with a deep feeling of satisfaction— even if they do not find what they went searching for.