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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current deals in the Tresierras weekly ad?

The latest deals in the Tresierras ad change every week. To discover the most recent deals, check out the latest Tresierras ad on this page. Make sure to visit our website regularly to stay updated on the newest ads and promotions.

Where can I find the latest Tresierras ad?

The most recent Tresierras weekly ad is available right here on this page. This is where you'll find the new weekly ad, featuring all of our current deals and promotions. Make sure to check out the Tresierras weekly ad this week, next Week's Tresierras Weekly Ad, and the last Week's Tresierras Weekly Ad.

How can I view the latest Tresierras ad?

You can view the latest Tresierras ad by frequently visiting this page. Here, you'll find the most up-to-date ad that you can browse through to discover all the current deals and promotions.

Can I view the Tresierras ad online?

Yes, you can easily view the Tresierras ad online on our website Here, you can quickly and conveniently find the latest Tresierras ad and browse through it to stay informed about all ongoing deals and promotions.

How long are the deals in the Tresierras ad valid?

The deals in the Tresierras ad are typically valid for one week. The start and end dates of the deals are indicated in the ad. Please note that some deals may only be valid for a few days or while supplies last. Consult the ad to make sure you don't miss out on any great offers.

How often do new Tresierras ads and deals come out?

New Tresierras ads and deals typically come out weekly. Keep in mind that some special events or holidays may have additional ads and deals. Be sure to visit our website regularly to stay updated on the latest ads and promotions.

How can I subscribe to the Tresierras ad?

To subscribe to the Tresierras ad, head to the Tresierras page on and click on the 'Subscribe' button or 'Sign up for our newsletter'. Enter your email address and follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete your subscription. You'll then receive the latest Tresierras ad and deals directly in your inbox every week.

How can I find my nearest Tresierras location?

To find your nearest Tresierras location, go to the store locator on the Tresierras page of Enter your zip code or city and click on 'Search'. The nearest stores and their contact information will be displayed on the map and in the list.

Where can I find the opening hours of my local Tresierras?

You can find the opening hours of your local Tresierras on the Tresierras page of Locate your nearest branch using the store locator and click on the store's name. The opening hours, contact information, and other relevant details will be displayed on the store's detail page.

Can I find the Tresierras ad in the store as well?

Yes, you can usually find the Tresierras ad in the store too. Paper copies of the latest ad are often available at the store entrance or customer service desk. However, please note that the availability of the paper ad may vary by store. For the most current and comprehensive overview of deals and ads, visit our website at

Can I order the Tresierras deals online?

Yes, you can order the Tresierras deals online. Visit the official Tresierras website and select the products you want to purchase from the ads. Add them to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process to take advantage of the discounts.

Are the deals and ads valid at all Tresierras locations?

The deals and ads are generally valid at all Tresierras locations. However, some deals may be limited to specific locations or online shopping. Check the ad or the Tresierras website for the validity and any limitations of the deals.

How can I stay updated on future Tresierras deals and promotions?

You can sign up for the Tresierras newsletter to stay updated on future deals and promotions. Visit the Tresierras website and sign up with your email address. You'll receive regular updates featuring the latest deals, ads, and other promotions.

How can I contact the Tresierras customer service for questions about deals and ads?

If you have questions about deals and ads, you can contact the Tresierras customer service. Go to the Tresierras website and look for the contact page, where you can find the customer service contact information and hours of operation. You can also use the live chat feature, if available.

Are there any limitations on the quantity of products I can buy during a deal?

Some deals may have limitations on the quantity of products you can purchase. These limitations are usually stated in the ad or on the Tresierras website. It's important to check the terms of each deal to know if any restrictions apply.

How can I use deals from the Tresierras ad when shopping online?

To use deals from the Tresierras ad when shopping online, visit the Tresierras website and search for the products from the ad that you want to buy. Add the products to your shopping cart, and the discounts will be automatically applied during the checkout process. Make sure the deals are valid for online shopping and check the validity period of the offer.

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A Quick Glance at Tresierras Supermarkets

Pilar andFranciscoTresierras started Tresierras Supermarkets in 1944 in San Fernando, California. After relocating to San Fernando, they saw that the Latino community was severely neglected. As a result, they decided to bring the goods that "The Valley's" expanding Latino population was yearning for. In San Fernando, California, on Kalisher Street, Francisco and Pilar established the first Tresierras Market while their two oldest sons, Frank and Daniel, were enlisting in the US Army and US Navy, respectively, during World War II. The initial name of the establishment was "Frank's Market," honoring Francisco Tresierras. Francisco and Pilar moved their store to Pacoima, California, in 1947 after their 10-year-old son Richard, three daughters, and a few committed workers helped Frank's Market quickly outgrow its little San Fernando location. At that point, Francisco and Pilar changed the store's name to Tresierras Market because a new change required a new name.

One-Stop Food Store for All Your Needs

Grocery shopping becomes enjoyable when the stores place everything under one roof. Since clients may view all the necessary household items at Tresierras Supermarket, it is a one-stop grocery store. To make it simple for customers to discover any product they may be looking for, the store offers various goods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, meals, meat, dairy, frozen goods, snacks, and more. Also, they provide home delivery services for clients who might feel more comfortable purchasing from their residences.

Prepare Delicious Dishes Using Tresierras Supermarket

Who doesn't like entertaining guests? Tresierras Supermarket is ready to help if you're organizing a dinner party but are concerned about the food preparations. The shop makes it simple for customers to enjoy dinners with friends and family by providing catering services and high-quality goods at affordable prices. To allow the hosts to unwind while they handle everything, they also handle all meals and desserts. If you're arranging a holiday party, contact Tresierras Supermarket to arrange an extravagant dinner at an astonishingly low cost.

Appreciate Tresierras Supermarket's Delectable Dishes

Do you like experimenting with new recipes? Tresierras Supermarket has a huge recipe library that customers can sample and taste, which includes a wide variety of delectable delicacies. Visit the website to test the delicious cuisine. The website's recipes are also routinely updated, allowing users to make even more mouthwatering meals at home. Use the options, which include appetizers, brunch, lunch, supper, dessert, and more, to narrow your search further.

Look at Their Weekly Ads

Everyone enjoys the thrill of finding things on sale. Tresierras Supermarket offers its customers discounted goods. As a result, they can experience the convenience of shopping at lesser costs. The items at the grocery shop that are on sale change every week. As a result, people now have more possibilities to enjoy their favored foods and products at reasonable pricing.

Buy Online at Tresierras Supermarket

If you enjoy and find it handy, try purchasing online at Tresierras Supermarket. Customers can load up their trolleys with whatever they want and pay immediately without waiting in line. Also, online food shopping is pleasurable and relaxing because the merchant manages the delivery to their door.

Take Advantage of Amazing Savings Using Digital Coupons

The Tresierras Supermarket weekly specials include enticing platters, late-night snacks, drinks, sauces, and more. Get their digital coupons to enjoy further savings! For details on where to get chicken, fish, dairy, and frozen vegetables, consult the brand's monthly advertisement. Popcorn, crackers, cold beverages, salty snacks, Pringles, and other snacks are additional. To find out more about future holiday discounts, visit their website.

Get Points for Your Purchases at Tresierras Supermarket

Who would have thought that going grocery shopping might be advantageous? Yet, rewards improve the whole experience by delivering excitement and delight. The supermarket offers discounts, prizes, and other promotions to entice customers to purchase its items. You will receive one point for every dollar you spend. Use the rewards you saved for later when you visit the store.

Find the Closest Store

To find the nearest store, use the store locator on their website. To find the closest Tresierras Supermarket, enter your city, state, or zip code. The supermarket is open every day of the week from 6 am to 9 pm.

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