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An Overview Of Shopko

Shopko has an interesting history as a departmental store brand. Although the brand had a chain of locations that spanned multiple states, it shut down all of them by mid-2019. However, the Shopko Optical locations continue to operate as one of the most trusted eyewear and eyecare establishments called vision centers. Each center has an optometrist on standby, who will perform the necessary test and will suggest the lenses for your specific situation. They have a range of frames and lenses, ensuring that you are always wearing the glasses that both look and feel the best.

Choose From A Range Of Frames

One of the advantages of going to a reputable store like Shopko Optical for your eyewear solutions is that they have a wide selection of unique frames for every person. From designer and branded frames to cheaper yet functional ones, they have every type of frame you could need. They also have a face type chart that shows individuals what type of glasses would look best on them. Using that chart, you can choose a frame that looks good on you all the time. They also offer protective eyewear to their customers, ensuring that people have the necessary protection when they are out in the field.

Learn About What Lenses Fit You Best

Of course, the frame is only one part of the glasses, with the other part being the lenses. They offer a wide range of lenses that can help you live your best life. These include: • Single vision lenses • Bifocal lenses • Progressive lenses Each of them offers a unique benefit to the wearer and exists to help people who struggle to see at long, near, and intermediate distances. You can learn more about each of these lenses and their functionality by visiting their website or by going to a store.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shopko Optical takes your satisfaction very seriously, which has contributed to its spotless record among customers. They offer a one-year breakage warranty on the glasses you buy. This coverage includes unlimited adjustments, free minor repairs, and frame-breaking. Therefore, if you happen to get into an accident or lose your lens, they will replace it at no extra cost for a year. They also have a 90-day return or exchange window. If you don’t like your frame or have even the slightest issue with it, you can easily replace it or get a refund, no questions asked.

Keep An Eye Out For Their Special Offers

Along with offering some of the best coverage for glasses, Shopko Optical also discounts to spare. There are a plethora of sales and discounts for various types of users or buyers. Some of the offers they offer include: • Save up to $100 with an annual supply of Lomb Ultra + Bausch • Save up to $150 on specific contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson • Get 40% off on lenses by purchasing a frame with it • Buy one pair and get half of each subsequent pair you buy • Up to $100 off select contact lenses from CooperVision

Sign Up For The Newsletter

The deals that Shopko Optical offers are worth remembering, but you can miss out on them if you’re not careful. Luckily, you can keep up to date with all of their deals and offers by checking out their newsletter. Signing up for the newsletter will give you notifications for deals and promotions, as well as exclusive offers. The best part about the newsletter is that it even includes informative articles and blogs to help you better understand eye care and the latest developments in the field of eye health.

Find The Nearest Shop

While you can certainly order your favorite frame and its lenses at home, it doesn’t compare to the experience of going to the shop, picking out a frame and its lens, and trying it out on the spot. Shopko Optical has a multitude of wellness centers throughout various states, so it is likely that one is not too far from you. To find the nearest the shop, you can enter: • Your city and state • Or your Zipcode The website will use this information to search for the closest shop and will provide you with a list. Each of the shops mentioned here will also include phone numbers and directions.

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