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Ruler Foods weekly ads & flyers

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An Overview Of Ruler Foods

Ruler Foods has a rich history of offering its customers a cheaper shopping experience compared to most of its competitors. JayC Foods started the initiative in 1998 and were able to open three stores before its acquisition by Kroger. Under new management, the brand grew both in its size and appeal, with over 13 stores opening by the end of 2012. Each store has a size of about 20,000 square feet, which makes it almost 1/5th the size of a Kroger Marketplace. However, since the brand solely focuses on providing its customers with groceries, the smaller size is not as big a concern. Customers will also bag their groceries personally and will rent their trolleys for 25 cents each.

Choose Items From A Range Of Departments

Ruler Foods is a go-to spot for people who want to buy the freshest produce and all of their grocery essentials. The departments that they have in each of their stores include: • Spices and seasonings • Snacks • Grains and pasta • Meat • Market produce • Ice cream • Frozen foods • Dairy • Sauces • Preserved goods • Breakfast • And beverages Their extensive list of departments makes shopping there convenient. Matched with the many stores that they have, shopping here is comfortable and accessible for many.

Enjoy Making Their Fun And Creative Recipes

Other than offering their customers a wide range of groceries that can fulfill all of their essentials, Ruler Foods also has multiple funds and creative recipes on their website. These recipes are quick, delicious, and filling, often using ingredients that customers can easily find in their stores. Some of these recipes include: • Potatoes au gratin • Sandwich cookies with cake mix • Ice cream made with peaches and cream • Fluffy pancakes • Pumpkin French toast • Apple Pie served with Apple butter • Old school peanut butter cookies • Pumpkin grating with marshmallow • Tacos • Pineapple and pork skewers

Find Coupons To Increase Savings

Prices at Ruler foods are already considerably cheaper than what customers will find in other stores. But along with the reduced price, they even offer various coupons, which can help customers further reduce their total bill at checkout. Customers can print these digital coupons and scan them when they are at checkout. Simply scanning the coupon will add the savings to the total bill. These digital coupons are available online on various websites such as These websites also feature information about new weekly or monthly ads and if there are any new deals and discounts in the shop yet.

Get The Ad Copy Through The Website

Of course, if you are looking to get the weekly or monthly ad for Ruler foods to check out their deals, you can easily do so by creating an account. By signing up to their email listing, you can get the weekly ad copy for the store, as well as be the first to receive every subsequent weekly ad. Keep checking their website as well to find the weekly ads and go through them. Again, these flyers will usually contain the hottest deals for the week, which makes them worth checking out.

Never Miss Out On A Major Deal Or Sale With Their Email List

You can get the Ruler Foods flyer by either visiting their website or by finding it on a secondary website. If you get the weekly ad through the website, you will first have to sign up for their mailing list, which makes you first in line to learn about all their updates. You can find out more about the major deals and discounts they are having and if they are bringing in new items for a certain department.

Find The Store Closest To You With Their Store Locator

Since its acquisition by Kroger, Ruler Foods has been growing exponentially as it continues to reach new cities and neighborhoods. So if you want to find the store that is closest to you, you can easily do so with their store locator. Simply add your address, and it will show you all of the stores near you. You can also add: • A Zip code • Or the name of a city These two parameters will help you broaden or narrow your search down significantly.

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