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A Quick Glance at Remke

Remke Supermarkets is the vision of William Remke, who wanted to start his own business in 1897. Initially, he started a meat market in Covington, KY, which was fairly successful. After that, William moved the store multiple times to bigger and better locations. In the early 1920s, William planned to move his store to its 3rd location which was at 19th and Holman. Ever since then, the Remke Market stayed at that location for around seventy years. When William passed away, his sons Louis, William and Robert took over the business and opened another store. The siblings had the vision to take their father’s business to new heights and they did precisely that. However, they did not just open more meat markets. Instead, they started offering customers several other things like baked goods, canned products, produce and more. Remke was among the first grocery stores that had self-service in the area. Slowly but surely, Remke continued to evolve and the franchise’s main store moved to Dixy Hwy and Orphanage Road. After Robert’s passing, Frances, his wife took things over temporarily. Eventually, Bill Remke, Robert’s young son bought the company from Frances and continued working on expanding his father and grandfather’s legacy. After some time, Bill transferred most of the stock ownership to the company’s employees. Eventually, Remke Supermarkets was taken over by Mathew Remke, who became the operation’s president and expanded the Remke horizons even further.

What Does Remke Offer?

While Remke started as a regular meat market, it slowly expanded its offering with multiple changes overtime. Now, customers can get a wide range of items from Remke Supermarkets, which includes: - A variety of baked goods - Beer, spirits and wine - Fresh dairy items - Ready to eat food items With Remke Supermarkets always expanding its inventory of items, customers can expect more stuff to show up soon at different branches of this franchise.

Rewards and Discounts

Remke Supermarkets highly appreciates its customers for their support, which is why they offer discounts and rewards quite regularly. Here are some of the rewards and discounts customers can expect to get from Remke Supermarkets: Pump Perks: Customers can earn a discount of 1 cent per gallon for every ten Dollars they spend at Remke Digital Coupons: These digital coupons allow you to save a decent amount of money when shopping at Remke and they are applied when you checkout from one of their stores. Spend and Earn:Remke Supermarkets offers regular discounts to loyal customers. These discounts are also applied when you check out. Spend Mobile Application:Customers can use this app to shop at certain locations, browse for special deals and a lot more. If you want to become eligible for a loyalty program at Remke, make sure you go to their website and enroll right away. Those who have any questions regarding the particulars of these programs should consider getting in touch with Remke’s highly responsive customer support.

Remke Online Shopping

Online shopping is a must these days and Remke is well aware of that, which is why customers can choose their desired products from their website. The delivery process is quite fast and you can get your desired items within a couple of days or hours, depending on which store you order the products from.

Store Locator

Remke has expanded greatly over the years and has a variety of stores. If you want to search for the store closest to you, consider checking out the store locator on their website. Besides helping you find the closest Remke Supermarkets branch, the locator also has the opening and closing times of select branches and their service centers.

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