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Price Rite weekly ads & flyers

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A Quick Look at Price Rite

Price Rite is a U.S.-based company that strives to bring the freshest produce and best quality products to its customers. The store is headquartered in Keasbay, New Jersey and is owned by New Jersey-based Wakefern Food Corporation, which also has many other supermarket and grocery store chains to its name. Also known as Price Rite marketplace, it has 63 locations all over the U.S.

The Right Products at the Right Price

If you are looking for premium quality and top-shelf goods and products, then Price Rite is where you need to be. Plus, if you don’t want to end up paying an arm and a leg for these products, then you should definitely check out the store’s extensive catalog and order whatever you need. The best part about shopping at Price Rite is that even though all the products are fairly priced, you are also given numerous discounts and offers to make them even more affordable and budget-friendly for you. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere for your grocery needs.

Check Out the Weekly Circular

Price Rite releases a weekly circular, which highlights the new additions to its wide range of products, and also updates customers on which products are on sale. Make sure to keep checking the Price Rite website for the circular, and when you find something that you want to buy at a discount, you can snag it up right away. The weekly circular features products from all categories and departments, including baby products, beauty, beverages, dairy, frozen goods, and much more.

Save More with Digital Coupons

If you are from the era of coupons, then you would be delighted to find that Price Rite has digital coupons that can be availed to receive discounts on all your purchases. All you need to do is to create an account on the website and log in, and you will get hundreds of digital coupons for various products from its catalog. You can always check back to see if any of the products you want to buy have a digital coupon for them, so that you don’t have to pay the full price for them. You may end up saving anywhere between 10% to 50% on your purchases, making it a really sweet deal for you.

Try Out New Recipes

Price Rite also gives you access to hundreds of different recipes that can be easily made using the products and ingredients available in its stores. These recipes are quite diverse and include a wide range of cuisines and dishes, so you will have a great time trying them at your home and venturing into different food styles and options.

Create Your Own Shopping List

Another wonderful feature of shopping at Price Rite is that on its website, you can actually add products that you normally buy to your shopping list. When you have created an account and logged in, you can start moving products to the shopping list. Then, when you are done, you can order everything in just a few clicks. What’s more, you won’t have to search for all these products the next time you need them, because you can simply reorder products from your shopping cart. Not only does this save you a lot of time, but makes it easier for you to track your grocery shopping and spending as well.

Explore the Drop Zone

The Drop Zone is referred to a section of the Price Rite website, where you can find numerous products that have their prices significantly reduced. So, you can keep checking the Drop Zone section from time to time, so that you can buy a lot of goods for a lot less money that you normally would have to pay for them. The Drop Zone has everything from a full chicken to a box of fruit juice, so you can actually save hundreds of dollars in the long run by keeping an eye on this section of the website.

Price Rite’s App

You can take your shopping experience to the next level by downloading the Price Rite Marketplace app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app allows you to conduct all your grocery and fresh goods shopping from your home or workplace, and saves a lot of time in the process. It also has some exciting benefits, which include: • Building your shopping list for easy reordering. • Tracking your order status and delivery details. • Getting and redeeming digital coupons in just a few taps. • Locating your nearest Price Rite store through the app.

Find the Best Price Rite Deals and Discounts from 1Weekly

When it comes to saving money on groceries and fresh produce, Price Rite is the leader, and it also helps you save even more through discounts and offers that it rolls out from time to time. You can also make use of 1Weekly to find the best opportunities to save money on your purchases. All you need to do is to check out our weekly ad and see which discounts you can avail.

About Price Rite

Price Rite is an American chain of limited-assortment supermarkets based in New Jersey. The company is owned by Wakefern food corporation, the same company that owns ShopRite supermarkets. Right now, there are about 62 PriceRite Supermarkets; two are of them are individually owned by members of the Wakefern food corporation, while the rest are jointly controlled by members of the corporation.
Price Rite isn't very different from its competitors, however, the chain tends to build larger stores and focuses a lot more on offering a larger fresh food selection. The company is also very proud that it is American-owned, and it tries to push that fact exhaustively during marketing. That's also why the company incorporated "An American Company" into its trademark. This was probably done to highlight the fact that Price Rite's biggest competitors, Aldi and Lidl are both German-owned.
For most of its existence, Price Rite has made sure to adhere to three guiding values; innovation, teamwork, and integrity. These are the values that drive the company, and it's visible from the demeanor of their employees to the quality of what's on their shelves. The company is also deeply committed to the community it serves and regularly involves itself in charity work. It raises money annually for local food banks, and also partners with other organizations like Feed The Children to donate food and other essentials to families who don't earn enough. It doesn't take too much to offer decent service and build a community— and that's what Price Rite proves every single year.