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A Quick Glance at Oliver Peoples

Established in 1986, Luxottica is the owner of the American luxury eyeglasses company Oliver Peoples. The brand is offered online, in department shops, fashion boutiques, and Oliver Peoples boutiques worldwide. Design locations for Oliver Peoples eyeglasses include Los Angeles, Italy, and Japan. Larry Leight and Kenny Schwartz were both opticians before founding their business. They would sketch spectacles on celebs in Vogue. Leight created a frame for pop artist Andy Warhol in 1984 that was eventually known as "Identity." Warhol wore the glasses for a 1987 editorial feature in the German magazine Männer Vogue. In 1986, when looking for eyewear manufacturers to stock their new store in West Hollywood, California, Schwartz and the Leight brothers paid $5,000 at an auction in Connecticut for a bulk lot of American brand-name frames still in their original packaging. The original owner of the frames, Oliver Peoples, was identified on a receipt discovered while sorting through the inventory. The company was named after him.

Purchase Your Favorite EyeWear at Oliver Peoples

Are you searching for the best eyewear? One of the top eyeglasses brands, Oliver Peoples, has a vast selection. The company offers fashionable lenses, frames, and sunglasses so customers can choose the best pair. Additionally, the company offers a vast selection of designer lenses to make purchasing fun if you are looking for high-quality glasses but are having trouble finding the correct ones. Today, give Oliver Peoples a try!

Grab Designer Lenses at Oliver Peoples

If you've always wanted to wear designer eyewear but aren't sure where to find one. Your fantasy can come true with Oliver Peoples' wide selection of designer eyewear. You can quickly get your preferred designer eyewear by browsing the extensive inventory. When looking for the ideal eyeglasses, you might encounter the following: • Gregory Peck • Brunello Cucinelli • Fai • Cary Grant Additionally, the website makes buying easier by classifying the inventory by brands. It simplifies clients to browse the selection and select their preferred brands. Additionally, you can obtain any optical lens that best suits your vision before your favorite brand's items on the website run out of stock.

Purchase Your Favorite Lenses at Oliver Peoples

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to prescription glasses. They enable you to utilize your entire field of vision and peripheral vision, giving you an idea that is more in line with how you would naturally see. Contacts never reflect light and never fog up. There are several options for meeting your eye care needs as well. Oliver Peoples offers the most popular brands and types of contacts at affordable prices.

Use the Gift Guide to Surprise Your Loved Ones

Oliver Peoples offer gift guides to help customers browse through the extensive collection to purchase their favorite eyewear. The website has a range of branded sunglasses to surprise your friend or family on their special occasion. So, head to the online store to find the best pair of sunglasses for your dear ones.

Schedule an Appointment with our Eye Experts

Would you like your eyes examined? Looking for a trustworthy eye specialist? Consider Oliver Peoples. You can book an appointment on the website with the specialists to obtain assistance finding the ideal pair of glasses. The website will ask you to choose your chosen location after you check-in. You can book an eye check-up with the top eye physicians once you enter the closest location. So don't hesitate! Make an appointment for an eye test right away.

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Are you trying to find the nearest store in your neighborhood? To locate the nearby physical store, go to Oliver Peoples. Enter the city, zip code, or state to get the physical store addresses. The website lists the addresses of several establishments spread across various cities. Additionally, if you can still find the nearest business, contact them using the phone number listed on their website. You may count on the staff members to assist you in finding a store close to you.

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