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A Quick Glance at Landis Supermarkets

In Telford's Main Street, in 1938, Frank Landis established a modest supermarket bearing our family's name. Even with sites in Telford, Schwenksville, Perkasie, Vernfield, and Sanatoga, the customs he found that the shop continues to be cherished by many of our clients and staff members in the nearby areas the store serves. Frank, his three sons Dave, Don, Paul, and his daughter Eileen have always believed in looking out for their clients and offering them a genuine incentive to buy at their establishment. They understood that to stay in business, they would need to offer clients a quality and freshness that is unmatched. And that's what you see right now if you enter their doors!

A Perfect Place for Grocery Shopping

Are you looking for a perfect grocery store that offers everything under a roof? Good news for the shoppers! Landis Supermarket is the ideal one-stop shop for your grocery needs. You can now purchase all the household items in one place. Be it fresh produce, meat, bakery items, or beverages, you can now shop your favorite items at Landis Supermarket. Moreover, the website shows an extensive grocery menu to help you pick the items you want. Furthermore, they have categorized their Supermarket using multiple filters to ease the shopping experience. So, head to the Supermarket to purchase the things you have been searching for for a long time.

Check Out their Weekly Savings

Everyone understands the joy of shopping at discounted rates. Therefore, to help you experience the pleasure of shopping at cut prices, Landis Supermarket offers its customers items that are on discount. The Supermarket updates the list of items displayed on sale every week. Therefore, it provides more opportunities for customers to enjoy their favorite meals and products at reasonable rates.

Join their Rewards Club

Landis Supermarket has introduced a reward program for its customers to help them earn later redeemable points. The program allows them to earn points for every dollar spent. Moreover, once the customer reaches a certain number of points, they can redeem them against items that may cost them less or are sometimes free. The program also allows the following: • Instant gas savings on a variety of products all year • manufacturer coupons doubled up to $99 • Rewards are offered all year round • Education savings, automatic entrance into prizes, and future perks

Purchase Your Grocery Online

If you find online shopping exciting and hassle-free, try Landis Supermarket's online shopping experience. The superstore allows customers to enjoy a queue-free shopping experience where they fill their shopping carts and pay for purchased items without waiting for their turn. Moreover, the Supermarket handles the delivery to their doorstep, making the entire grocery shopping experience peaceful yet fun.

Curate an Online Shopping List

Do you enjoy shopping but unfortunately forget the essentials when you enter the Supermarket? With Landis Supermarket, you can now curate an online shopping list that will ensure you purchase every item you need in the house. The list will ensure you do not forget the essentials. Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of returning to the market for the items you thought you would remember while shopping, but they slip your mind as soon as you see various shelves in the aisles. Curate your online list to save time and energy.

Purchase Landis Supermarket Gift Card

Ever wondered how a gift card can bring joy to someone's life? Many around us wish to purchase multiple items, but a limited budget does not allow them to buy the things they crave the most. Therefore, a gift card is a perfect gift you can give to people struggling to meet their ends. Landis Supermarket offers customers to benefit from the gift card. You can enjoy purchasing items for free against the top-up amount on the card. Moreover, the store allows you to check your balance online. Enter the card number to check the amount left.

Sign up for its Newsletter

Sign up for the Landis Supermarket newsletter to enjoy 5% off your first order. Moreover, the website will notify you about the latest releases and updates. Also, receive email notifications about the deals and discounts on your favorite items.

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