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A Quick Glance at Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is possibly the most recognizable motorcycle producer in the world, with each one having a uniquely buff build. The company started in 1903 by William and Walter Davidson, as well as William S. Harley. The brand also produced various bikes for both World Wars, gaining support from the US military as well. Harley Davidson is one of two bike manufacturers to survive the great depression. As a result, they have continued to experiment with new designs and have a plethora of bikes to choose from.

All-In-One Shop for Your Biking Needs

Harley Davidson has some of the most technologically advanced and recognizable motorcycles in the world right now. Some of their most popular models include: • The Electra Glide Revival • The Road Glide • The road king • The Livewire • The Forty Eight • The sport glide • The Fat Boy 114 Aside from their very popular bikes, you can also find a variety of parts and accessories to make your bike your own. These parts include: • Luggage racks • Custom trim • Brakes and suspension • Lighting control • Paint • Bodywork

Check Out Some of their Apparel

Harley Davidson is famous for their motorcycles. But if you really want to look the part, you can wear some of their excellent apparel. You can find: • Jackets • Helmets • Riding pants • Boots • Shoes • Gloves • Hoodies • Heated gear • Rain gear • Watches and wallets All of these apparel choices are available for both men and women. Their apparel focuses on gear that you will need to ride and enjoy your bike as comfortably as possible. They even offer plenty of gifts and other goodies, that you can get someone who is a biker.

Easily Estimate Your Financing Method

If you’re looking to buy a Harley Davidson, then the site’s built in finance estimator can prove to be very useful. Built in estimator is fairly in-depth as it allows you to choose the bikes that you would like to finance, and gives you an estimate of how much you will pay every month. The factors that you can adjust include: • Length of your financing • Estimated trade-in value • Estimated down payment • Annual percentage rate • The motorcycle you want After adjust all of these factors, the page will provide you with a detailed look of how much you will pay every month.

Look at the Many Offers They Have

Harley Davidson even has a multitude of offers, with each one offering plenty of value and various incentives. One of their offers is for the Live wire motorcycle. If you buy the Livewire in a specific time, you might be able to claim $2,500 worth of credit on federal income taxes. This offer is available for citizens of Pennsylvania, Oregon, and California. Another great offer is that they are offering extended payment terms, on all of the touring models. Be sure to check their website for the latest offers they have.

Look for a Harley Davidson Dealer Near You

If you’re looking to get a more hands on experience when buying your Harley Davidson, then a dealership is the place to be. The H-D website can easily guide you to your nearest dealership thanks to its integrated tracker. The tracker will ask you for: • A Zip Code • A city • A State When you provide this information, the tracker will find a dealership nearest to you in an instant. You can also get directions and other relevant information about the store from the locator.

Download the Harley Davidson Mobile App

Driving a Harley Davidson is never complete without its app accompanying you on your journey. The app offers two main features: • Ride planning • Ride Record and GPS Navigation With the ride planning feature, you will can mark out your journey and the different stops that you will be making. The app will also be recording the distance that you have traveled, along with the time you have spent on your journey.

Find the Best Harley Davidson Catalogs on 1Weekly

If you’re looking to keep up with the many Harley Davidson offers or its catalog of improved models, then 1Weekly is the website for you. It gathers all of the latest news about the brand and its weekly catalogs, and keeps them in one place.