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With over 60 years of experience in making camping accessories, it is fair to say that Coghlan is one of the most reputable and leading companies in the world. At first, the company only operated as a gas appliance firm that sold lanterns, stoves, and other hardware in the market. And as the years went by, the camping company started to store camping gear on the side. The store's popularity grew, and the store expanded into different cities and countries. It now ships to over 40 countries worldwide. Coghlan’s has always tried to provide the best experience to the customers. It offers optimum customer service and satisfaction, which makes it a top pick for customers looking for camping gear.

Enjoy a Range of Outdoor Products from Coghlan’s

Coghlan’s offers an amazing range of products in different categories at affordable prices. Some of the notable categories include: • Outdoor Dining • Recreation and Leisure • Emergency and Survival • Outdoor Tools • On-the-go Each category offers quality products that kindle the camping experience for the users. We have listed some of their top camping products below: • Cookware • Coffee • Grilling • Cooking utensils • Candles • First aid • Rain gear • Survival • Air pumps and cleaning tools • Laundry lines These products are already listed on their website at an affordable rate. Not only do they make your camping experience more fun, but they also provide you with adequate safety that is necessary for survival during camping.

Use the Coghlan’s Store Locator to find Nearest Store

After visiting their website, you will notice a store locator feature that offers you to identify their locations spread throughout the region. With over 1400 stores spread throughout the map, you will want the one that is nearest to your location. To do that, you can simply type in your address on the search bar and ensure that you find the nearest store. You can also filter the search for more accuracy.

Subscribe to Coghlan’s Newsletter

To keep yourself updated with the latest information surrounding the store and industry, you can subscribe to their newsletter. To do so, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the website and enter your email address. You can expect the latest offers, information, infographics, and blogs to enter your mailbox. It is for the best that you leverage this tool since you will get industry news in addition to the exclusive offers.

Sign Up for their Dealer Webshop

You can also sign up for a dealer webshop through their website if you are a company owner. To do so, you can start by contacting them on their page and filling up the sections. You will be asked to fill up the information regarding: • Your company • Name • Email Address • Phone or landline number • Additional comments After submitting the form, the team will get in touch with you shortly so you can get started with the dealership program.

Get Peace of Mind with Coghlan’s Product Replacement Guarantee

All of the Coghlan's products come under a warranty which can last up to 1 year; on normal usage. There are exceptions to this replacement and return policy. They include: • Bulb • Batteries • Lost and misplaced items • Wear and tear • Accidents • Unauthorized repairs • Misuse and negligence The company only accounts for manufacturing errors by the company. Therefore, it is important to keep these guidelines in your mind.

Get to know some Exciting Camping S’mores Recipes with Coghlan’s

There are all sorts of recipes you can try with Coghlan's. Below are some of the favorite treats that you can try yourself: 1. Campfire S’mores • Chocolate squares • Marshmallows • Graham crackers 2. Berry Punch • Graham crackers • Your favorite jam (any flavor) • Whipped cream • Caramel sauce 3. Banana S’more • Graham crackers • Sliced bananas • Marshmallows and chocolate squares These are a few dishes along with their ingredients that you can try to treat yourself and your family at the campfire. There are more recipes and dishes that you can try with day-to-day ingredients.

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