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Looking back at Cardenas

Cardenas is a supermarket chain that specializes in providing its customers with an authentic selection of Latin American foods. It is a large chain of supermarkets spread across Nevada, Arizona, and California. They have a wide selection of local groceries as well, offering multiple options to their customers. This chain of supermarkets started back in 1981, with the first grocery store opening in Ontario. Since its inception, the grocery store chain has been able to grow to 56 areas throughout the aforementioned three states.

All Your essential Groceries in One Place

Cardenas has a wide selection of groceries that customers can purchase either from a store or online. Their collection of food items include authentic Latin American cuisine and various other foods that their customers would enjoy. Some of the departments you can find at Cardenas include: • Deli • Meat • Seafood • Pastries • Tortilleria • Produce • Bakery • Frozen foods • Beverages • And much more! They even have a grocery section that offers a wide selection of items from around Latin America.

Try their Delicious Recipes

Cardenas offers its customers a wide range of recipes that you can try at home. All of their most popular dishes are available in the form of a recipe, which you can use to impress your friends. Some of their recipes include: • Cuban Arroz con Pollo • Hibiscus Popsicles at home • Marinating Carne Masada at home • Pork Pozole • Carnitas • Flan • Chicken sopes • Chicken, shrimp, and meat fajitas All of these delicious recipes are available at their kitchen as well, allowing you to try their excellence out first hand. You can even have this delicious food delivered to your home.

Give a Friend a Gift Card

They also have a variety of gift cards that you can give to a friend. Each of these cards will have a different amount to them, allowing your friend to experience various parts of the store. People can redeem these gift cards at a store and online. The value for these cards include: • $10 • $25 • $50 • $75 • $100 They are even offering a discount on the $100, allowing people to but it for the price of $89.99. However, this discount is exclusive to the $100 card.

Stay in the loop with their weekly ads

Cardena ensures that its customers know when the big sales are on. But they also have smaller sales and discounts that people would not want to miss. Each of these smaller sales still offer plenty of savings, with products dropping as much as 10% in price. The weekly ad is available on their store, where you can find out about other offers and discounts they can have during that time.

Enjoy Event Specific Sales

Throughout the year, Cardena has various sales and massive deals to offer its customers. Each of these deals only occur during specific times of the year, like the holiday discount that they give out during November and December. Discounts can be as high as 30% on various items, offering massive savings. Usually during thanksgiving, they will offer various discounts on different cuts of meat, as well as various pastries.

Find a Store Closest to You

Enjoy the ambiance of the Cardena supermarket through a store that is closest to you. The Cardena website allows you to find stores that are close to your location in a few easy steps. The tracker will need: • Zip code • City • State Using this information, the tracker will be able to trace down which stores are closest to you. They can even provide other information about the surrounding area, directions, and a phone number for the shop itself.

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Keep track of all the best deals and discounts of Cardenas supermarket with the help of 1Weekly. They collect relevant information about various deals and discounts, ensuring you never have to let go of a good deal. Visit their website to see what Cardenas has to offer in terms of its discounts, or check if there are any major sales or discounts coming up.