Coca-Cola burst onto the scene in 1892, pushing the beverage world to new heights. This American multinational company is most famous for its iconic Coca-Cola, a beverage that originated as a tonic but has since become a top soft drink choice.

Since its inception, Coca-Cola has absorbed other companies and added many drinks to its lineup. You can find this company on almost every continent in the world.

coca cola net worth

Here, we will go over critical statistics to help you better understand the business operations of the Coca-Cola company. Once you read this information, you will know why Coca-Cola boasts a net worth of $265 billion.

Critical Coca-Cola Statistics

  • Coca-Cola has a net worth of $265 billion.
  • Coca-Cola has over 79,000 employees worldwide.
  • Coca-Cola’s 2021 operating revenue was over $38,655,000.
  • Coca-Cola’s brand value has increased significantly since 2006, rising from $41 billion to $97 billion.

Coca-Cola’s Revenue

In 2009, the operating income of the Coca-Cola Company was $8,231,000, and the net operating revenue was $30,990,000. In 2021, the operating income of the Coca-Cola Company was $10,308,000, and the net operating revenue was $38,655,000. The revenue rose, but the operating income barely increased.

Coca-Cola is a successful company with millions of customers around the world. Its revenue has increased significantly over the years without drastically raising its operating income.

coca cola global revenue

YearOperating incomeNet operating revenue

Source: Statista

Although there have been better years for Coca-Cola, it is a steady company, and its revenue has remained solid over the years.

How Many Bottles Are Sold Each Year?

coca cola products sold every minute

There are about 10,000 Coca-Cola products sold and consumed per second around the world. There are over 200,000 bottles sold per minute and 1.9 billion each day. When it comes to what Coca-Cola offers, the world goes crazy.

In 2021, Coca-Cola sold 31.3 billion cases of products and even more bottles. These cases were sold everywhere and included all Coca-Cola beverages, from the classic Coca-Cola to Powerade.

coca cola Cases of Products Sold

YearCases of Products Sold
202131.3 billion
202029.0 billion
201930.3 billion
201829.6 billion
201729.2 billion
201629.3 billion
201529.2 billion
201428.6 billion
201328.2 billion
201227.7 billion

Source: Expanded Ramblings

Coca-Cola has shown growth in nine short years. It will likely continue on this trajectory for a more profitable future.

Coca-Cola’s Brand Value

In 2022, Coca-Cola’s brand value was $97.88 billion. This number is the highest the company has seen thus far, bringing in more than $10 billion over the previous year’s brand value.

Coca-Cola has seen a steady rise in its brand value, putting it on the market as one of the best. The company creates desirable products and provides value that carries into the future.

coca cola brand value

YearBrand value (in billion U.S. dollars)

Source: Statista

Coca-Cola’s brand value for 2023 will likely push upwards. It has a successful track record and is on pace for incremental increases.

Who Owns Coca-Cola?

The Coca-Cola Company is owned by thousands of shareholders and investors everywhere. It is a public company, so there is no one individual who owns it.

coca cola largest shareholder

The largest shareholder of the Coca-Cola Company is Warren Buffett. He has served on Coca-Cola’s board in previous years and will likely maintain his large shares in years to come.

Dr. John S. Pemberton was the original inventor of Coca-Cola. The recipe was purchased by Asa Griggs Candler in 1889. Almost three decades later, Ernest Woodruff and a group of businessmen invested in the company.

Coca-Cola has shifted through the hands of multiple people over the years. Today, it is owned by many people, giving it a successful position in the business world.

Coca-Cola’s Employee Count

coca cola workforce employees

Coca-Cola employed 79,000 individuals around the world in 2021. That number is less than half of its employment rate of 151,0000 people in 2012.

Although the number of employees has decreased over the years, its value continues to grow. It has integrated technology and other strategies to help business processes move forward more efficiently.

coca cola number of employees

YearNumber of employees (in 1,000s)

Source: Statista

As technology grows, it’s likely Coca-Cola’s employment rate will shrink. The company is efficient and practical in its strategies.

How Much Are Coca-Cola Employees Paid?

On average, Coca-Cola employees are paid $18.50 an hour. However, this number is based on all the possible positions at the Coca-Cola Company, combined into one salary and averaged out. Pay for working at Coca-Cola varies by job.

A merchandiser working with the products will make much less than the person responsible for removing water waste at the end of the soda creation process, for example, and there are a variety of jobs at the Coca-Cola Company to take into account.

coca cola average hourly rate

PositionAverage Pay (Hourly)
Warehouse Associate$12-$20
Strategic Planning Specialist$23-$71
Quality Insurance Analyst$14-$26
Automation Engineering Technician$22-$39
Maintenance Supervisor$20-$41
International Sales & Marketing Manager$13-$32
Wastewater Plant Operator$18-$33

Source: PayScale

Jobs in management or technical areas of the Coca-Cola company receive higher pay than those in sales and warehouse positions. Much of the pay rates are based on the intricacies of the skills and training required to complete the job.

Coca-Cola Sales Record

Coca-Cola has an excellent sales record. In 2022, its revenue was $43.004 billion. This number was an 11.25% increase from the previous year. It made good on its previous record and increased it for the betterment of the company.

The Coca-Cola Company has had its ups and downs in revenue over the years, as any quality company will. This will likely continue to go up before dropping slightly in a natural forward progression in the future.

Where Does Coca-Cola Sell?

Coca-Cola sells globally but has four primary locations where it sells and produces its beverages. These locations include Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Coca-Cola is also slowly pushing its way into more global ventures.

There are many products and brands marketed within the overarching Coca-Cola brand. Some areas prefer soda, while others drink more Powerade. With all its product options, Coca-Cola has a grip in multiple global locations.

coca cola global sales volume

RegionUnit sales
Europe, Middle East & Africa28%
Latin America28%
Asia Pacific23%
North America18%
Global ventures3%

Source: Statista

Coca-Cola focuses on these four locations, ensuring it has shipments and products in these areas to make quality sales. It has been present in these locations for years, selling and producing for loyal fans.

As Coca-Cola grows, it will further its global ventures to access more and more of the available market. It is on a trajectory to benefit the future of the company with more global access than ever.

Where is Coca-Cola the Most Affordable?

Coca-Cola is the least expensive in Egypt. The average cost of a can of Coke worldwide is about $.94. Egypt's average comes in at a minuscule $.19. That number is less than a quarter of the average price for the tasty beverage in other locations.

Coca-Cola products are the most expensive in Finland. A can of Coca-Cola goes for about $2.46 in this location.

Varying products also shift in price depending on the location. A can of root beer might be worth nothing in the United States of America, but it will cost more if it is sold in spots without extensive access to the beverage.

How Much Are Coca-Cola Products?

Coca-Cola is affordable. Most of its products have similar pricing, ensuring you will try all that you can.

ProductPrice (per 12-pack)
Diet Coke$17.99
Coke Zero$17.99
Root Beer$17.99
Ginger Ale$17.99

 Source: Coca-Cola

Prices will vary based on the country and the product sold. Prices will also shift depending on venues and location. Purchasing a Coke in a theme park will cost more than one from your local grocery store.

How Much Sugar Is in Coca-Cola Products?

coca cola sugar

On average, there are about 35 grams of sugar per 30 ml can of Coca-Cola. It’s a sweet treat with more than your daily recommendation of sweetness, packed in a can.

And that’s just Coke, the Coca-Cola Company produces more than its iconic Cola; it also offers Root Beer, Powerade, Ginger Ale, and more. There are varying levels of sugar in these options.

coca cola sugar per can

ProductSugar Content Per Can
Coca-Cola39 grams
Diet Coke0 grams
Coke Zero0 grams
Root Beer44 grams
Powerade34 grams
Ginger Ale33 grams

Source: Coca-Cola, Healthline 

Unless you invest in a diet or zero version, Coca-Cola beverages contain a lot of sugar. They are created to provide craving relief for those who enjoy the combination of carbonation and sugar in one sweet gulp.

Coca-Cola vs Competitors

Coca-Cola is the leader in the market when looking at all carbonated drink companies. When examining the market share, Coca-Cola has 40% or more every single year, whereas the secondary PepsiCo only grasps about 30%.

Other competitors include Keurig, Dr. Pepper, Refresco, and other public or private labels. It’s not much of a competition; the Coca-Cola Company has a large majority of the market shares, and its growth will continue in the coming years.

us market share soft drink companies

YearCoca-ColaPepsiCoKeurig Dr. PepperRefrescoAll other and private label
202146.3%25.6%21.7% 5.6%

 Source: Statista

The closest competitor to Coca-Cola when considering market shares is PepsiCo, but it barely makes a dent in Coca-Cola’s standing.

What Does the Future Look Like for Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola is predicted to rise 5% annually until 2024, improving its profit and products for the time to come. It should do better than PepsiCo, which is set to experience growth but not as much as its competitor.

Coca-Cola will see a positive future as it continues to sell bottles and rebrand itself to be more environmentally friendly. The world is Coca-Cola’s oyster, and the company is ready to improve upon what already exists.


Ultimately, this business is very successful, and it will continue to pave its way into an innovative and more environmentally friendly future.

Although Coca-Cola is a public company, it’s still tricky to locate all information about the business. I’ve done my best to lay out all the information I can access in a comprehensive and easy-to-scan format for all your Coca-Cola curiosities.